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January 28, 2003
Applied Biosystems announces enhancements to Celera Discovery System and new subscription model
Applied Biosystems announced a new release of the Celera Discovery SystemTM online platform that includes enhanced visualization and analysis tools for comparing the human and mouse genomes, additional data integration, and a new subscription model for academic researchers.

Minimally invasive treatment successfully destroys kidney tumors
A minimally invasive, experimental treatment is proving successful in removing small kidney tumors from appropriate patients, report researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Down by the river
In a study presented in January's Ecology, researchers Rebecca Brown and Robert Peet found areas subject to frequent flooding also showed a higher number of invasive exotic plants than upland regions outside of floodplains.

Topical oxygen helps hard-to-heal wounds heal faster and better
A new study suggests that brief exposures to pure oxygen not only help chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds heal completely, such exposures also help wounds heal faster.

Forest fragmentation may increase lyme disease risk
Having a patch of woods in your backyard may boost your spirits but could threaten your health.

Device acts as heart's security system
Heart failure patients at The Ohio State University Heart Center are among the first to test an implantable monitor that transmits critical data from their heart over a telephone line, eliminating travel to a doctor's office for an examination.

New flat motor can drive shape shifters, movers and shakers
Penn State engineers have developed a low- cost, high-torque rotary motor, based on

Hikers may disturb breeding spotted owls
Imagine if people kept hiking through your baby's room. That's essentially what happens in some of the canyons where Mexican spotted owls breed, and a new study shows that hikers can disrupt the owls' behavior in ways that might harm their young.

Mean population size increases with diversity
Investigations of the effect of diversity on populations have resulted in few clear patterns.

Midwest wetlands almost gone but may still have most species
Wetlands in the Midwest? It may be hard to believe but vast areas of today's Corn Belt used to get so wet that malaria was common.

Penn GSE receives grant to improve lives of Philadelphia children
The Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania has been awarded $800,000 from the William Penn Foundation for a two-year research and service project designed to improve the lives of young children in the city.

EMBO and Chinese Academy of Sciences join efforts in the area of the life sciences
The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have signed an agreement to enhance collaboration with each other over the next two years.

GSA release 03-02: Feb. Geology media highlights
The Geological Society of America's February issue of Geology contains several potentially newsworthy items.

Special section: Invasive species
Invasive non-native species are among the greatest threats to biodiversity worldwide.

New study shows urban gay men as likely to be battered as heterosexual women
A new study shows that one in five urban gay men is battered by his partner, showing that homosexual men are just as likely as heterosexual women to be victims of domestic violence.

GSA release 03-03: Feb. GSA Bulletin media highlights
The February issue of the Geological Society of America Bulletin includes a number of potentially newsworthy items.

Marine reserves can't do it all: Sea otters vs. red abalone
California's sea otters and red abalone fisheries both need help -- but what's the best way to protect predators as well as their prey?

Synchronised swimming helps catch prey
In a recent study published in the February issue of Ecology Letters, five fish were studied under controlled conditions and highly resolved time-series of their energy expenditures were measured. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to