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April 12, 2003
Genetically modified mice provide information on treatments for cocaine dependence
Cocaine's rewarding effects were still apparent in mice that were lacking both the dopamine and the norepinephrine transporter.

Dubious value meals: Bigger is not better
Diners who consistently purchase supersized restaurant meals based on the notion that more food for the same or a little more money equals better value, are probably shortchanging their health.

Discovery of proteins necessary for HIV release suggests possible new therapeutic targets
Having identified the three-dimensional structures of two proteins, named Matrix and Capsid, which are key components of the HIV assembly line, Dr.

Prenatal exposure to nicotine increases risk of apnea in brains of newborn rats
University of Arizona researchers report new evidence that exposure to nicotine in the developing rat fetus enhances the function of GABAa receptors, a key component of brain cells that control breathing rhythm.

Neural biology explains ejaculation
At the Experimental Biology 2003 meeting in San Diego, Dr.

Research shows cocaine 'reward' picture more complicated than scientists thought
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scientists working with colleagues at Duke University have discovered that even after dopamine and norepinephrine systems are disrupted in specially modified laboratory animals, cocaine still provides reinforcing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to