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May 31, 2003
Muscle capillaries respond differently to exercise in men and women
While women appear to begin with a lower density of tiny capillaries in their skeletal muscle than do men, this density seems to increase at a higher rate than men as a result of exercise, according to a new analysis by Duke University Medical Center researchers.

Sleep disturbances prevalent in survivors of childhood cancer
Fatigue and sleep disturbance are common in survivors of childhood cancer.

Melanoma vaccine demonstrates promising results in large multi-site study
Results from the largest multi-site study to date evaluating a peptide-derived therapeutic vaccine for melanoma, have demonstrated a correlation between tumor growth (progression free survival) and immune response for patients with advanced disease who received the vaccination.

Gene therapy grows new auditory hair cells in mammals
University of Michigan scientists have used gene therapy to grow new auditory hair cells in adult guinea pigs - a discovery that could lead to new treatments for human deafness and age-related hearing loss.

Phase II study shows new p53 drug therapy can enhance pre-surgical chemotherapy
Adding an anti-tumor gene to cancer cells can make them more sensitive to the killing power of chemotherapy and shrink inoperable breast cancer tumors enough to eliminate them with surgery, according to researchers at The University of Texas M.

Response rate promising in test of C225 and docetaxel in advanced lung cancer
Researchers testing a combination of chemotherapy and the experimental monoclonal antibody agent C225 in patients with advanced, relapsed non-small cell lung cancer found that 65 percent of 47 patients had a response or stable disease, and several patients remain alive almost one year after starting the therapy.

Scientists develop new RNAi knockdown technology
Scientists from the RIKEN Tsukuba Institute (Japan) have developed a valuable new experimental system for tissue-specific RNAi knockdown in mammalian cells and organisms - a discovery that will markedly advance the functional characterization of genes involved in development and disease.

Combination therapy safe and effective for older patients with lung cancer
Results presented by Chandra Belani, M.D., University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago, indicate that older patients with non-small cell lung cancer responded to and tolerated a combination therapy similar to younger patients.

Long-term survival after breast cancer diagnosis
Most breast cancer patients with more than 10 nodes that are affected by the cancer have a poor prognosis, yet some survive long-term.

Scientists discover key gene in artery formation
A group of scientists at the NIH have discovered that the phospholipase C gamma-1 protein - called Plcg1 for short - is required for the formation of arteries in zebrafish embryos. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to