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June 15, 2003
Taste testing may help identify alcoholism risk
Individuals with a family history of alcoholism are considered at-risk for developing the disorder.

At last: Just three cell types detect light in the eye
Writing in the June 15 advance online section of Nature, the team reports that rods, cones and special retinal cells that make a protein called melanopsin together account for the entirety of a mouse's reaction to light levels.

Alcohol damages day-to-day memory function
Researchers know that heavy alcohol use damages retrospective memory. New research shows that heavy alcohol use also damages day-to-day memory, which includes prospective memory, remembering to do things at some future point in time, and everyday memory, remembering to complete daily activities.

Research breakthrough identifies 291 genes associated with asthma
In one of the most significant breakthroughs in allergic diseases research in recent years, an international group of scientists led by researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have discovered 291 genes associated with asthma.

Enzyme may play unexpected role in asthma
In a finding that could have important implications for the millions of Americans who suffer from asthma, researchers funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have discovered novel sets of genes possibly involved in the disease.

Imaging lithium with an electron microscope
Lithium atoms, smallest after hydrogen and helium, have been imaged along with cobalt and oxygen in the compound lithium cobalt oxide, an important material in rechargeable lithium batteries.

Self-management strategies needed for diabetics, say Pittsburgh researchers
As the rate of diabetes in the United States continues to skyrocket, University of Pittsburgh researchers call for increased awareness among primary care physicians of the importance of patient self-management strategies such as proper nutrition and exercise, and of controlling patients' cardiovascular risk factors to avoid deadly complications.

Alcohol facilitates aggression among those who express anger outwardly
Alcohol and aggressive behavior are clearly linked. A study of the effects of anger on alcohol-related aggression has found that intoxicated individuals will display more facial expressions of anger than will sober individuals.

Nicotine-patch treatment works for smokers with long-term sobriety
At least 80 percent of alcoholics smoke. Smokers with past alcoholism are more nicotine dependent than smokers without a history of alcoholism.

UCSD researchers identify gene involved in bipolar disorder
UCSD researchers have identified a specific gene that causes bipolar disorder in a subset of patients who suffer from this debilitating psychiatric illness.

Genetic clue links selenium to breast cancer prevention
Findings by UIC human nutrition scientists suggest genetic makeup may help target those who could benefit from supplemental dietary selenium as a cancer suppressant. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to