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August 08, 2003
'Spintronics' could enable a new generation of electronic devices, physicists say
Physicists have discovered the equivalent of a new 'Ohm's Law' for spintronics - the emerging science of manipulating the spin of electrons for useful purposes.

Deer help disperse seeds--including noxious weeds
Ecologists at Cornell University have discovered a significant role in seed dispersal by deer that browse on vegetation wherever they wish and deposit seeds, in their pellet-like feces, to germinate and produce new plants up to two miles away.

Europe's first Moon probe prepares for launch
Europe's first probe to the Moon, SMART-1, is about to begin a unique journey that will take it into orbit around our closest neighbour, powered only by an ion engine which Europe will be testing for the first time as main spacecraft propulsion.

Male athletes also suffer from body image problems, study shows
While eating disorders among athletes are often seen as a problem mainly for women, some male athletes may also have their own issues regarding body image, new research suggests.

Discovery may help in war against fire ants
Recently, researchers at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and at Texas A&M University discovered that members of the insect order Strepsiptera pose as their hosts.

'Friendsickness' affects freshman female college students
Realizing that they can maintain their pre-college relationships and still make new friends can help first-year female students overcome

UCSD biologists discover key step for 'designer plants' that could clean up heavy metals
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have demonstrated that a chemical that permits plants to detoxify heavy metals can be transported from the roots to stems and leaves, a finding that brings the possibility of using plants to clean up soil contaminated with toxic metals such as lead, arsenic and cadmium one step closer to reality.

College students get better grades when they take psychological principals courses
Students at Ohio State University who took a psychology-based study skills program had higher grade point averages and were more likely to return for their next year of college than a group of similar students who didn't take the class, according to a new study.

2003 Dirac Medal of the ICTP
Two prominent physicists in the field of turbulence - Robert H.

Fifteen football players died during 2002 season, none from heatstroke, study finds
In what has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, no deaths from heatstroke occurred among young U.S. football players during the 2002 season, a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study shows.

Atropine may be an alternative to patching for treatment of lazy eye in children
An eyedrop, atropine, may be a good alternative to patching for treatment of lazy eye, or amblyopia, in children between the ages of three and seven.

Children with bowel disease prone to emotional problems
According to a new study, more than one-third of children with mild inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) also suffered from psychological problems, such as symptoms of anxiety and depression.

False memories, failing recall are not an inevitable consequence of aging, research suggests
The failing memories of older adults, including their tendency to remember things that never happened, are not an inevitable consequence of aging, suggests research from Washington University in St.

Columbia research examines mega earthquake threats
Columbia University researcher applies seismic reflection data for the first time to understand enormous faults called megathrusts.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy should be considered for unexplainable medical conditions
Ophthalmologists and other medical professionals should consider Munchausen syndrome by proxy if a child has unusual ocular abnormalities or other medical conditions that cannot be explained through medical evaluation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to