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November 16, 2003
Researchers find additional families with gene linked to gout and kidney failure
Additional families have been found that carry a recently discovered gene that is responsible for both gout and kidney failure, researchers reported today at the American Society of Nephrology meeting in San Diego.

Debate on payments to potential kidney donors: Yes or no?
The overwhelming need to search for new options to increase the stagnant donor pool is prompting a lively debate on the medical and ethical issues surrounding payments for kidney donations.

Financial problems linked to depression symptoms in breast cancer patients
Women with breast cancer are most likely to suffer from symptoms of depression if they also have other sources of stress in their lives -- particularly financial difficulties, according to a new study.

Unique software speeds calculations on one of world's fastest supercomputers, other applications
Ohio State University software is helping some of the world's fastest supercomputers confront big scientific questions, from global climate change to the structure of intricate molecules.

Interracial interactions are cognitively demanding
A new Dartmouth study reveals that interracial contact has a profound impact on a person's attention and performance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to