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January 14, 2004
Adolescent rodents experience milder hangover effects than do adult rodents
Prior research shows that adolescent animals are more sensitive to chronic alcohol exposure, with more pronounced alcohol-related memory problems and brain damage than adult animals.

Why is this year's flu so severe?
Why is this year's flu packing such a wallop? And why is it taking such a harsh toll on young children?

Florida Tech grant funds hacker attack models
Worms, viruses and hacker-introduced program bugs are the targets of Florida Tech researchers who received a $70,000 Air Force Research Laboratory grant to model all possible hacker exploits.

The BESST way to judge IVF success
Fertility doctors in Australia have proposed a radical new way of measuring the success of IVF clinics: by the percentage of single babies born live at full term for every IVF cycle begun.

Ecstasy affects memory, new international study shows
Regular users of the drug ecstasy are at risk of long-term memory problems, an international study has found.

Corn earworm moths get a lift from the wind
Most corn earworms cannot survive the cold of a Northeastern winter, but each summer this sweet corn pest arrives back in the cornfields of the northeastern United States more quickly than most people believe is possible.

Bridging the gap between genetics and motivations to drink alcohol
People's alcohol expectations are known to influence their likelihood of developing alcohol problems.

Instant start-up for PCs
Those who use Windows XP Media Center will know you have to wait minutes while your PC boots up before you can watch TV, or play a video or CDs.

Probable discovery of a new, supersolid, phase of matter
In the 15 January 2004 issue of the journal Nature, two physicists from Penn State University will announce their discovery of a new phase of matter, a

If we are what we eat, some lake fish are made of maple leaves
Aquatic plants form the base of the food web. The energy they create supports aquatic life, from invertebrates to the largest sport fish.

Pediatricians and parents key to improving quality of children's health care
Improving the quality of children's health will require more forceful advocacy by the nation's pediatricians and parents to demand effective as well as affordable pediatric care, says a USF/All Children's Hospital professor.

LSU part of massive cosmic ray study
On a massive area of open plains just east of the Andes Mountains - a region known as Pampa Amarilla - a group of LSU professors, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students have been working on this $100 million cosmic-ray study with a broad international coalition at the new Pierre Auger Observatory.

Heavy smokers see cigarettes as 'friends'
Heavy smokers -- those who light up 25 times or more a day -- look to their cigarettes for comfort and companionship, according to a new study.

Transgenic mosquitoes are less fertile than their counterparts in nature
A UC Riverside team in the Entomology Department has found that genetically engineered mosquitoes are less fertile and less healthy than mosquitoes that have not been altered.

Waste motor oil management may pose threat to health and the environment
Better designed automotive oil filters and less frequent oil changes are two recommended ways to reduce the health and environmental threats of used motor oil, according to a new study published in the Jan.

Rodents bred for alcohol preference live longer than rats bred for alcohol avoidance
Researchers and clinicians know that drinking alcohol can have both beneficial and harmful effects.

Are fish made of maple leaves?
Many of us learned about the aquatic food web in high school.

Heavy drinkers use narcotics to relieve back pain, despite possible interactions, UMHS study finds
Despite warnings about interactions between alcohol and narcotic pain relievers, a new study suggests many people taking these drugs continue to drink, in some cases heavily.

Phone counseling helps smokers quit
When combined with a popular smoking cessation medication, telephone-based counseling was more successful in helping smokers quit than individualized mailings, a new study has found.

Many children with autism may receive complementary or alternative treatments
A significant percentage of children recently diagnosed with autism receive complementary or alternative medicine treatments, some of which are potentially harmful, according to a study from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Researchers find an association between alcohol dependence and the GABAA receptor gene GABRG3
Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the human central nervous system.

No cow left behind
According to Northeastern University professor of chemistry Ira Krull there are many more undocumented cases of mad cow disease just waiting to be discovered.

A possible new form of 'supersolid' matter
Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University are announcing the possible discovery of an entirely new phase of matter: an ultra-cold,

NASA satellite surface wind data improve 2-5 day weather forecasts
NASA's QuikSCAT satellite is providing meteorologists with accurate data on surface winds over the global oceans, leading to improved 2- to 5- day forecasts and weather warnings.

Alcohol-dependence gene identified
Investigators at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Indiana University School of Medicine and other centers have identified a gene that appears to increase the risk of alcoholism.

Nobel prize winner Dr. Anthony Leggett merges quantum computing theory and application in new book
Kluwer Academic Publishers today announced the anticipated release of 2003 Nobel Prize winner Dr. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to