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April 04, 2004
Duke scientists overcome immune resistance in dendritic cell vaccines for cancer
Scientists have discovered why dendritic cell vaccines do not attack cancer as forcefully as expected, and they have demonstrated how to overcome this constraint by bolstering the vaccines' tumor-seeking machinery.

Pregnancy complications high even when diabetes is under control
Women with diabetes are at an increased risk of pregnancy complications, even if their diabetes is well controlled, according to new research.

Genetic basis of hereditary nerve disorder revealed
A major form of one of the most prevalent inherited neurological disorders in humans, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), stems from an abnormality in the cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, that fuel the nerves required for muscle control, suggests new findings by neurogeneticists at the Duke Center for Human Genetics and their international colleagues.

New study adds weight to link between passive smoking and death
Adults who have never smoked and who live with smokers have a 15% higher risk of death than those living in a smoke-free household, according to new research available on
Public smoking bans may cut heart attacks
Smoke-free laws may be linked with a rapid fall in the number of heart attacks, according to new research available on
Novel MRI technique provides clear images of blood flow
Duke University Medical Center researchers have created for the first time moving images of blood traveling through vessels, non-invasively and without the use of contrast agents or radiation.

Low vitamin B12 is associated with poorer memory in older people with high risk for Alzheimer's
Among healthy people over the age of 75 who have the genotype associated with higher risk for Alzheimer's, low levels of vitamin B12 are associated with significantly worse performance on memory tests.

Why passive smoking hinders healing
Being exposed to high levels of 'second-hand' smoke can reduce the speed at which wounds heal, leading to a lack of healing or greater levels of scarring.

Concern over poor facilities for young people with mental illness
Substantial numbers of young people with mental illness are admitted to inappropriate hospital wards that don't meet their needs, claims new research available on is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to