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June 18, 2004
Drug tested at OHSU prevents MS-like disease in animals
Scientists at OHSU are announcing very promising results of an MS drug trial conducted in rats.

Protein stops blood-vessel growth, holds promise as cancer therapy
Researchers at National Jewish Medical and Research Center have identified a protein that inhibits the formation of new blood vessels.

New thermodynamic theory will help engineers 'go with the flow'
A scientific paper that provides tools based on a new principle of thermodynamics, called

Researchers show 'clot-busting' at stroke site is viable option
A study has offered the first published evidence that aggressively treating brain blood clots at their source soon after symptoms start can produce a good outcome for many stroke patients.

'Blazar' illuminates era when stars and galaxies formed
In an article posted June 10 to the Astrophysical Journal Letters website, astrophysicists at Stanford report spotting a black hole so massive that it's more than 10 billion times the mass of our sun.

CERN director general outlines seven-point strategy for European laboratory
At the 128th session of CERN Council, held today under the chairmanship of Professor Enzo Iarocci, CERN Director General, Robert Aymar, outlined a seven-point scientific strategy for the Organization.

Stonehenge study tells pagans and historians it's good to talk
More understanding among all sides in the great Stonehenge debate might be made if the world was shown images of how the site is experienced by visitors today rather than only its imagined past, suggests new research sponsored by the ESRC.

Antioxidants during pregnancy may help prevent birth defects tied to alcohol
Pregnant women who abuse alcohol may reduce the risk of birth defects in their babies by taking antioxidants during pregnancy, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study indicates.

UCI Chancellor wins prestigious Einstein award
UC Irvine Chancellor Ralph J. Cicerone has won one of the most prestigious awards in science, the Albert Einstein World Award of Science.

BU physicist receives Boltzmann Award for outstanding work in statistical physics
H. Eugene Stanley, a professor of physics at Boston University, has been named to receive the 2004 Boltzmann Award.

Researcher issues caution on live virus vaccines
A New York Medical College microbiologist warns that live virus vaccines to prevent infectious diseases like West Nile virus and yellow fever could have dire consequences.

150 US graduate students embark on exciting research experiences in East Asia and Australia
The National Science Foundation's (NSF) 2004 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Program (EAPSI) for U.S.

Ugandans highly knowledgeable about HIV vaccine and willing to participate in future trials
Seventy-one percent of a Rakai, Uganda, study population is aware of the preventive function of vaccines and 77 percent are willing to participate in HIV-preventive vaccine trials, according to a new study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and other institutions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to