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September 26, 2004
Knock knock knocking on rhythm's neural doors
Rhythmic movements like walking, chewing or scratching are found in many organisms, ranging from insects to primates.

Stanford/Packard researchers identify T cell that relieves asthma in mice
For the second time in two years, scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered a new type of regulatory T cell that reduces asthma and airway inflammation in mice, bolstering the theory that a deficiency of such cells is a prime cause of the breathing disorder as well as allergies.

Fortifying food with folic acid benefits babies
Adding folic acid to food can dramatically reduce the incidence of spina bifida and other birth defects.

Alarming rise in Israeli road deaths after terror attacks shown by researchers
Terror attacks in Israel produce an alarming though temporary rise in the number of people killed in road accidents, a study conducted by Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Princeton University researchers has found.

New Hebrew University frictional motion study could provide tool for earthquake prediction
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