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October 29, 2004
The Virgo Cluster of galaxies in the making
An international team of astronomers has succeeded in measuring with high precision the velocities of a large number of planetary nebulae in the intergalactic space within the Virgo Cluster of galaxies.

Some chest pain patients may benefit from more evaluation
New research shows that almost 3 percent of patients who went to hospital emergency rooms with chest pain - but who weren't initially diagnosed with heart problems - went on to have heart attacks or other heart-related events within a month.

Confusion surrounds bullying: Study
While children and adults have similar intellectual definitions of bullying, they may differ when applying them in reality, says a U of T researcher.

Research uncovers role of Apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer's disease
Researchers at the University of South Florida and the Johnnie Byrd Sr.

Psychotherapy, meds best for youth with obsessive compulsive disorder
Children and adolescents with OCD respond best to a combination of both psychotherapy and an antidepressant, a major clinical trial has found.

Human embryonic stem cells promising for replacement of blood supply
Researchers at the University of Minnesota Stem Cell Institute are one step closer to understanding how blood cells develop through the use of human embryonic stem cells.

Breast cancer risk, prognosis and weight gain reduced with physical activity
Designing physical activity programs and interventions geared to breast cancer survivors will increase well-being and may improve prognosis, Yale researchers report in a recent issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

DASH diet may do more than lower blood pressure
The popular DASH diet, established by the National Institutes of Health as a way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, may have health benefits that go beyond its stated purpose of lowering people's risk of heart disease, according to research published in the November issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Gimli gobblers - Mercury scientists to conduct unique human experiment next week
A world-leading team of Canadian scientists thinks that diet may play a critical role in limiting the body's absorption of the toxic heavy metal mercury, and they're lining up to test the idea on themselves.

Stress impairs thinking via mania-linked enzyme
An errant enzyme linked to bipolar disorder, in the brain's prefrontal cortex, impairs cognition under stress, an animal study shows.

Gene-silencing technique offers new way to fight drug-resistant leukemia
Researchers at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new way to possibly treat Gleevec-resistant leukemia patients.

Support for fragile X syndrome needed
What is so 'fragile' about FXS children? Fragile X syndrome is the world's most common form of hereditary mental retardation, with a prevalence of one in 3,500 males.

Democrats outgunning GOP in e-mail wars, researchers find
By at least one measure -- e-mail -- the Democratic Party appears to be waging a more aggressive campaign than the Republicans.

Study shows weight-based REBETOL dosing in combination with PEG-INTRON significantly improves ...
Twice as many African-American patients infected with the most difficult-to-treat form of chronic hepatitis C successfully cleared the virus when given a weight-based dose of REBETOL® (ribavirin, USP) rather than a flat dose, in combination with PEG-INTRON® (peginterferon alfa-2b).

Researchers describe how natural nuclear reactor worked
It's been known for 30 years that Mother Nature once did nuclear chain reactions by her lonesome.

Workplace smoking bans help smokers cut back, says study
Employees in workplaces with no smoking restrictions smoke almost five more cigarettes daily than those whose workplaces completely ban smoking, says a study by the University of Toronto's Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU).

AGI announces winners of the Earth Science Week contest
The American Geological Institute proudly announces the winners of the 2004 Earth Science Week contests.

Measuring cosmic distances with stellar heart beats
Thanks to the very high spatial resolution provided by the Very Large Telescope Interferometer, a team of French and Swiss astronomers has measured directly the change in angular diameter of four southern Cepheid variable stars over their pulsation cycle.

Drug combination shows promise in treating hepatitis C
Researchers at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and six other research sites throughout the country found that combining the drug Pegasys® with ribavirin resulted in a greater reduction in hepatitis C viral levels than patients treated with Peg-Intron® and an equal dose of ribavirin.This is one of the first head-to-head studies in the United States comparing Pegasys and Peg-Intron when each are combined with equal doses of ribavirin.

Scientists discover enzyme crucial to HIV replication
Scientists have discovered that a cellular enzyme helps ferry HIV genetic instructions out of the cell nucleus where they can then be translated into proteins to begin their most destructive work.

Actin muscles in on DNA transcription
Overturning a scientific stereotype, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have discovered a new role for a key protein involved in muscle contraction and shown it is present not just in the cytoplasm of cells but in the nucleus as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to