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December 19, 2004
Church at Christmas: Hereford's 'come all ye faithful' v Manchester's 'silent night'
While the lure of carols, candlelight and crib scenes could see church congregations in Guildford treble this Christmas, vicars in Manchester can expect fewer than 20 per cent more worshippers to mark the traditional birthday of Jesus.

Complex Christmases of Britain's growing number of step-families
The extent to which dilemmas and tensions in step families are brought into sharp relief at Christmas, as parents and step-parents aim to do what is best for the children, is revealed in new findings from research sponsored by the ESRC.

Early learning leaves lasting changes in brain, Stanford owl study shows
Educational Christmas toys can leave a mark on more than just your checkbook - they can also leave a permanent imprint on a child's brain.

Together for Christmas: The complexities and changing nature of our family gatherings
With the festive season almost upon us, the realities and complexities surrounding our traditional notions of Christmas as a time for families are examined in important new research sponsored by the ESRC.

Caribbean families embrace Kwaanza as Christmas becomes too materialistic
As Christmas becomes ever more materialistic, Caribbean families in Britain are increasingly turning to Kwaanza - a festival rooted in an African tradition - as the setting for their family celebrations, according to research sponsored by the ESRC.

Demands for equal treatment between divorced parents may not be fair for the children
As thousands of divorced and separated parents decide where their children will spend this Christmas, an ESRC-funded study into post divorce family life shows that fairness and equality between fathers and mothers may end up being unfair on the youngsters.

Fair decisions more important when hospitals face crisis like SARS
Embroiled in an emergency like a deadly infectious disease outbreak, hospital managers and staff may consider saving time by suspending or modifying normal decision-making procedures.

Workshop looks at how science changed our lives forever: 'The Applied Science Problem,' Spring 2005
The second Stevens Institute Workshop on Science and Technology Studies, sponsored by the Department of History, will consider the variety of issues that spring from 'The Applied Science Problem.' The workshop will be held on the Stevens Institute of Technology campus in Hoboken, N.J., May 6-8, 2005.

Solving the mechanism of Rett Syndrome
For the first time a human disease has been linked to specific defects in the three-dimensional folding of chromatin. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to