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April 02, 2005
Asthma patients' immune systems respond differently with allergies
Researchers from the University of Chihuahua in Mexico report that immune systems of patients with asthma responded differently to a common laboratory challenge, depending on whether their white blood cells had been obtained during a time when they were suffering from common season allergic rhinitis or when they were free of such allergic symptoms.

Indian Ocean climate watch network grows
The US, Japan, India, China and Australia are banding together to strengthen a climate change newtork in the Indian Ocean.

Was Agnès Sorel, the first official royal mistress of France, poisoned?
The ESRF has gone back in time to study the reason for the sudden death of a beautiful mistress of the French king Charles VII, Agnès Sorel, in XV century.

Ingredient in garlic protects against severe chronic pulmonary hypertension in rats
Small daily doses of allicin, the active metabolic in garlic, proved effective in preventing a severe form of pulmonary hypertension in rats.

Autistic children's abnormal metabolic profile findings
Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute researchers report for the first time that children with autism have a severely abnormal metabolic profile indicating increased vulnerability to oxidative stress.

Statin simvastatin linked to protection against endothelial dysfunction in diabetic rats
Medical College of Georgia researchers found that in a well-established rat model of diabetes, simvastatin protected against the development of diabetes-induced endothelial cell dysfunction in vessels of the heart, kidney, and eye. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to