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August 07, 2005
People are fairly good at judging health risks--but only when they stick to personal experience
Psychologists have gained insight into how people judge their personal health risks.

New research offers clues to prevent brain damage in premature babies
Factors that inhibit the brain's natural self-healing process and that may offer new insights into how to prevent brain damage in premature babies have been identified.

OHSU researchers discover potential mechanism to repair brain damage linked to MS
Oregon Health & Science University researchers have identified some of the key factors that prevent the repair of brain damage caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), complications of premature birth, and other diseases and conditions.

Study yields insights into pathogenic fungi--and beer
Chemotherapy and organ transplantation not only take a huge toll on patients, but they can compromise the immune system and leave patients vulnerable to infections from microbes such as pathogenic fungi -- the fastest-growing cause of hospital-acquired infections.

Nighttime dying linked to sleep apnea from brain cell loss
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