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August 14, 2005
Spliceosomal fidelity
As published in the August 15th issue of G&D, Drs.

Gradient guides nerve growth down spinal cord
The same family of chemical signals that attracts developing sensory nerves up the spinal cord toward the brain also serves to repel motor nerves, sending them in the opposite direction, down the cord and away from the brain.

Anxiety disorders can compromise success of alcohol-dependence treatment
Anxiety disorders and alcohol dependence co-occur at an alarming rate.

Family environment is a significant predictor of adolescent obesity
Parents have a strong influence over whether or not their children will become overweight or obese, and it's not just their genes that they pass on.

Personality traits and craving among pathological gamblers and alcoholics

Money can buy you happiness but only relative to your peer's income
Financially richer people tend to be happier than poorer people, according to sociological researcher Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University, and graduate student Laura Tach, Harvard University.

Prenatal alcohol exposure can lead to lasting changes in cognitive processing
Prenatal alcohol exposure is often linked to slower cognitive reaction times and poorer attention.

Customized Y-shaped carbon nanotubes can compute
Y-shaped nanotubes with a metal particle embedded in them behave as electronic switches similar to conventional MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistors, the workhorses of modern microprocessors, digital memory, and application-specific integrated circuits.

Scientists link vascular gene to Alzheimer's disease
Scientists have discovered a link between a prominent developmental gene and neurovascular dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.

Roots of epilepsy may lie in oft-ignored brain cells
Star-shaped brain cells that are often overlooked by doctors and scientists as mere support cells appear to play a key role in the development of epilepsy.

Tadpole soon to help in the fight against cancer and lymphedema
Lymph circulates in our bodies through a complex network of lymphatic vessels, of which little is known.

The body's biological clock: alcohol may lead to physiological anarchy
Circadian rhythms refer to biological phenomena that oscillate within a 24-hour cycle, in keeping with the earth's rotation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to