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December 31, 2005
Georgia Tech study: Short glass shapes cause over-pouring of alcohol
Holiday revelers should note that people - even professional bartenders - inadvertently pour 20 to 30 percent more alcohol into short, wide glasses than tall, slender ones of the same volume, according to a new research study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Cultural differences may explain variations in home remedy use
While use of home remedies is common among people 65 and older, blacks and Native Americans tend to make much greater use of them than whites, according to a study from Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Teen daughters of parents with HIV have higher childbearing rate
Adolescent daughters of parents with HIV in New York City have a high childbearing rate compared to those in the general US population, a new study finds.

Study fishes out new role for prostaglandins
A new study by Vanderbilt researchers reveals that prostaglandins help choreograph the intricate cell movements during early embryonic development in zebrafish, highlighting how perturbations in this pathway might influence human development and the spread of cancer.

p53, tumor suppression and aging
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