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September 10, 2006
Smoothing the path from community colleges to four-year colleges
Nobel Laureate Bruce Merrifield and genetics pioneer and entrepreneur J.

High-value chemicals produced from ethanol feedstocks could boost biorefinery economics
Biorefineries developed to produce ethanol from cellulose sources such as trees and fast-growing plants could get a significant economic boost from the sale of high-value chemicals - such as vanillin flavoring - that could be generated from the same feedstock.

Ethnicity and cancer susceptibility
Researchers from the UCL Branch of the global Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research have uncovered how a genetic variation present in ethnic groups from around the equator may influence cancer susceptibility.

Focus on functional materials development shortchanges opportunities for discovery
The current research focus on

'Crabby' compound that skewers bacteria could prevent medical implant infections
A chemical compound found in crabs and shrimp that has long been known to have certain medicinal value can also act like a

Latest fuel cell material advance overcomes low humidity conductivity problem
James McGrath, University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech, will announce his research group's latest development, a PEM material that retains conductivity during low humidity, during his plenary lecture at the Challenges for the Hydrogen Economy symposium during the 232nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco.

Solar energy: Charged for the future
Once regarded as costly and impractical, solar technology is now poised to play a larger role in the future thanks to new developments that could result in lower costs and improved efficiency.

Health effects of 'functional foods' featured during four-day symposium, Sept. 10-13
Scientists worldwide are discovering new and unexpected health benefits -- such as protection against heart disease and cancer -- from so-called

California vineyard uses high-tech chemistry to choose optimum picking time for grapes
A Modesto winemaker is using the latest 21st Century analytical chemistry technology to supplement the time-honored practice of tasting a mouthful of grapes to determine when the fruit is ready for picking.

Anti-inflammatory drugs following hip replacement surgery could harm rather than help
The use of anti-inflammatory drugs following hip replacement surgery could do more harm than good, according to a new study co-coordinated by the George Institute for International Health in association with orthopedic centers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Chemical screening system helps evaluate PEM fuel cell materials
Because of their efficiency and reduced pollution, fuel cells offer a promising alternative to traditional power sources in transportation and other applications.

Compounds in cranberry juice show promise as alternatives to antibiotics
A group of tannins found primarily in cranberries and cranberry juice show promise as alternatives to antibiotics due to their ability to transform E. coli bacteria in ways that render them unable to adhere to cells, a necessary first step in all infections.

'Conversation stoppers' fight deadly bacterial infections
In an effort to stop the spread of deadly bacterial infections, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have designed a group of potent compounds that can block the chemical signals that bacteria use to communicate. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to