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January 14, 2007
Scientists discover a new risk factor for Alzheimer's
Researchers led by Howard Hughes Medical Institute international research scholar Peter St George-Hyslop have identified a new genetic risk factor associated with the most common form of Alzheimer's disease.

Novel approach to cancer drug given major boost
Scientists at the ProXara Biotechnology Limited have identified a way of switching off one of the key mechanisms that leads to the development and growth of a tumour.

1 in 4 specialist trainee doctors 'very worried' about future job prospects
One in four specialist trainee doctors

Scientists find new genetic clue to cause of Alzheimer's disease
Variations in a gene known as SORL1 may be a factor in the development of late onset Alzheimer's disease, an international team of researchers has discovered.

Alzheimer's gene identified
An international effort led by scientists at the University of Toronto, Columbia University and Boston University has isolated another gene responsible for Alzheimer's disease.

New antibacterials being developed to tackle MRSA superbug
A novel antibacterial medicine that kills the superbug MRSA is being developed under a new scheme launched by the Wellcome Trust.

Maintaining healthy weight -- the key to avoiding chronic disease
Maintaining a healthy weight has emerged as the most important factor for Australian women in avoiding chronic diseases such as vascular disease, diabetes and asthma, according to researchers from two Australian universities.

Lost dogs found more often than lost cats, study suggests
A lost dog is more likely to be reunited with its owner than a lost cat, according to two new studies.

New cancer drug shown to be active in patients for the first time
A drug which blocks the action of a naturally occurring enzyme has, for the first time, shown activity in patients with cancer, according to UK researchers reporting online today, Jan.

New gene uncovered for late-onset Alzheimer's
An international team of researchers, led by Columbia University Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto, has uncovered a major new gene -- SORL1 -- implicated in late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers first to map gene that regulates adult stem cell growth
A new discovery in stem cell research may mean big things for cancer patients in the future.

Natural gut hormone offers hope for new obesity drug
A hormone found naturally in the gut is the basis of a new drug to tackle obesity, one of three inaugural awards under the Wellcome Trust's Seeding Drug Discovery initiative.

'On Track' for staying free of depression.
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