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September 02, 2007
SCAI leaders available for comment on studies released at European Society for Cardiology Congress
New studies and clinical trials and data to be released on interventional cardiology, percutaneous intervention (PCI), including use of angioplasty, renal artery stenting, bare metal stents and drug eluting stents.

A drug-sensitive 'traffic cop' tells potassium channels to get lost
Our brains are buzzing with electrical activity created by sodium and potassium ions moving in and out of neurons through specialized pores.

Cell that triggers symptoms in allergy attacks can also limit damage, Stanford researchers find
A blood cell known as a troublemaker for triggering the itch and inflammation in allergy attacks, the mast cell, can also calm down the flare-ups, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine have found.

Genome study shines light on genetic link to height
Using a new

New viruses to treat bacterial diseases -- 'My enemies' enemy is my friend'
Viruses found in the River Cam in Cambridge, famous as a haunt of students in their punts on long, lazy summer days, could become the next generation of antibiotics, according to scientists speaking today (Monday Sept.

High and mighty: first common height gene identified by researchers behind 'obesity gene' finding
Whilst we all know that tall parents are more likely to have tall children, scientists have been unable to identify any common genes that make people taller than others.

Princeton engineers develop low-cost recipe for patterning microchips
Creating ultrasmall grooves on microchips -- a key part of many modern technologies -- is about to become as easy as making a sandwich, using a new process invented by Princeton engineers.

Society for General Microbiology 161st Meeting, University of Edinburgh
The SGM's 161st meeting will be held at the University of Edinburgh, Sept.

Advance study -- comb drug thpy for blood press. may reduce cardiovasc. outcomes for diabetes patien
Results of the ADVANCE* study published online by THE LANCET suggest that drug therapy with an ACE inhibitor and diuretic to lower blood pressure could reduce cardiovascular outcomes and risk of death for people with type 2 diabetes, regardless of baseline blood pressure values

Lettuce, leafy greens and E. coli
The rise in year-round consumption of fresh leafy greens such as lettuce and baby spinach is increasing the difficulty of keeping produce free from contamination by food poisoning bacteria, according to US scientists speaking today (Monday 3 Sept.

L.A. and California labor lead the nation, Says UCLA Labor Day study
California's unionization rate rose sharply in 2007, while rates for the nation and Los Angeles changed little, according to a report by UCLA's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to