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September 16, 2007
Cholesterol byproduct blocks heart health benefits of estrogen
New findings by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers show that a byproduct of cholesterol metabolism interferes with the beneficial effects estrogen has on the cardiovascular system, providing a better understanding of the interplay between cholesterol and estrogen in heart disease.

Penn engineers design computer memory in nanoscale form that retrieves data 1,000 times faster
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have developed nanowires capable of storing computer data for 100,000 years and retrieving that data a thousand times faster than existing portable memory devices such as Flash memory and micro-drives, all using less power and space than current memory technologies.

Good earth: Brown chemists show origin of soil-scented geosmin
Brown University chemists have figured out precisely how the warm, slightly metallic scent of freshly turned soil is made.

New nanoparticle vaccine is more effective but less expensive
Good news for public health: Bioengineering researchers from the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, have developed and patented a nanoparticle that can deliver vaccines more effectively, with fewer side effects, and at a fraction of the cost of current vaccine technologies.

Genetic variant linked to odor perception
Why the same sweaty man smells pleasant to one person and repellant to another comes down to the smeller's genes.

M.D. Anderson-led team reports possible key to autoimmune disease
A self DNA-peptide complex triggers an immune response like that caused by a virus or other invading microbe.

Smithsonian scientists help lead effort to 'barcode' world's species
Smithsonian researchers are among the leaders in a worldwide effort to revolutionize the way scientists identify species in the laboratory and in the field with a technique called DNA barcoding.

Gene determines whether male body odor smells pleasant
Up to one-third of adult humans cannot perceive an odor in a component of male body odor that induces physiological responses in both men and women.

The importance of gene regulation for common human disease
A new study published in Nature Genetics on Sunday Sept. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to