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September 30, 2007
Protestant countries have higher employment rate, study shows
Countries where the main religion is Protestant Christianity have higher employment rates than those where other religions are dominant, according to University of Bath research published in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology.

Ozone shuts down early immune response in lungs and body
As policymakers debate what levels of ozone in the air are safe for humans to breathe, studies in mice are revealing that the inhaled pollutant impairs the body's first line of defense, making it more susceptible to subsequent foreign invaders, such as bacteria.

MicroRNAs may be key to HIV's ability to hide, evade drugs, Jefferson scientists find
Tiny pieces of genetic material called microRNA could be key to HIV's ability to evade detection in the immune system.

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover one of the mechanisms that prevents the spread of colon cancer
The first step in the development of colon cancer is the formation of benign tumors, called adenomas, in the intestine.

New research suggests hearts are experts at self-preservation
Bristol researchers have identified a heart protection mechanism in mice that surgeons and cardiologists may be able to exploit to improve treatments for patients in future.

Second pathway behind HIV-associated immune system dysfunction identified
Researchers at the Partners AIDS Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital may have discovered a second molecular 'switch' that turns off the immune system's response against HIV.

Venous origin of the mammalian lymphatic vasculature
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