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December 02, 2007
AGU Fall Meeting -- Media advisory 2
All 1,186 sessions and 13,641 abstracts for the AGU 2007 Fall Meeting have been posted on the AGU web site and are fully searchable.

A real attention grabber
The person you're speaking with may be looking at you, but are they really paying attention?

Lymphatic vessel and lymph node function are restored with growth factor treatment
The frequent spread of certain cancers to lymph nodes often necessitates surgery or radiation therapy that damages the lymphatic system.

Newly-identified exercise gene could help with depression
Boosting an exercise related gene in the brain functions as a powerful anti-depressant, at least in mice.

Mutant sperm guide clinicians to new diseases
New research published in Nature Genetics shows that some rearrangements of the human genome occur more frequently than previously thought.

Using nanotechnology, UCLA researchers discover cancer cells 'feel' much softer than normal cells
A multidisciplinary team of UCLA scientists were able to differentiate metastatic cancer cells from normal cells in patient samples using leading-edge nanotechnology that measures the softness of the cells.

AGU Fall Meeting -- Media advisory 4
AGU's Fall Meeting will offer 21 press conferences covering a wide range of new Earth- and space-science findings, including ultrabright night-shining clouds, the 'squashed' solar system, new findings from Mars, potential climate tipping points of the Earth, and much more.

Natural compound in broccoli could treat devastating genetic skin disorder
The compound sulforaphane whose natural precursors are found at high levels in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables has been hailed for its chemopreventive powers against cancer.

One bad apple: Consumers prefer perfect produce
A research study published in the Oct. 2007 issue of HortScience found that consumers don't like blemishes -- on apples, that is.

How cells keep in shape
Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, the Netherlands, have now decoded a molecular mechanism that plays an important role in the development of a cell's shape.

Leading cause of death in 'preemies' might be controlled by resetting a molecular switch
Blocking signals from a key molecular receptor that normally switches on the intestine's immune response but instead becomes too intense in the presence of stress and toxins may help reverse necrotizing enterocolitis, a leading cause of death in premature newborns.

Red alert: Wild strawberries may reduce cancer risk
We've all seen the term

Lupus gene finding prompts call for more DNA samples
Wellcome Trust researchers have identified a key gene involved in the disease lupus, which affects around 50,000 people in the UK, mostly women.

Were the first stars dark?
Perhaps the first stars in the newborn universe did not shine, but instead were invisible

'Smart' flower bulbs pull themselves to deeper ground
Confused about the right planting depth for flower bulbs? Trust the bulbs!

Mental illness and drug addiction may co-occur due to disturbance in part of the brain
Why do mental illness and drug addiction so often go together?

AGU Fall Meeting -- Media advisory 3
Press conferences planned for the 2007 AGU Fall Meeting will focus on Arctic noctilucent clouds, Voyager spacecraft at the solar system's edge, new Martian rover and orbiter findings, urban air quality, the many faces of climate change, geoengineering, and many other aspects of the Earth and space sciences.

Human embryonic stem cell -- derived bone tissue closes massive skull injury
There are mice in Baltimore whose skulls were made whole again by bone tissue grown from human embryonic stem cells.

Buyer beware: Stressed plants won't survive shipping
It's a common springtime disappointment: you buy beautiful, flourishing potted plants from your local retailer, only to watch the once-healthy flowers wither and die shortly after you place them on your patio or porch.

Low-carb diet reduces inflammation and blood saturated fat in metabolic syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a pre-cursor to diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

Southern farmers realize profits from highbush blueberries
Southern highbush blueberries are emerging as an important fruit crop in Georgia, but experienced farmers say the fruit can be a challenge to grow. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to