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January 13, 2008
Study locates cholesterol genes; finds surprises about good, bad cholesterol
An international study of 20,000 people found seven new genes that influence blood cholesterol levels, a major factor in heart disease, and confirmed 11 other genes previously thought to influence cholesterol.

Scientists associate 6 new genetic variants with heart disease risk factor
Using new techniques for rapidly scanning the human genome, researchers have associated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, two fats in the blood, to 18 genetic variants, six of which represent new DNA regions never before associated with the traits.

U of M researchers create beating heart in laboratory
University of Minnesota researchers have created a beating heart in the laboratory.

Study suggests genetic connection between short stature and arthritis
Common genetic variants linked to arthritis may also play a role in human height, a new study shows.

Unusual fish-eating dinosaur had crocodile-like skull
Dr. Emily Rayfield at the University of Bristol, UK, used computer modelling techniques -- more commonly used to discover how a car bonnet buckles during a crash -- to show that while Baryonyx was eating, its skull bent and stretched in the same way as the skull of the Indian fish-eating gharial -- a crocodile with long, narrow jaws.

Lend me your ears -- and the world will sound very different
BBSRC scientists have found that the part of the brain that deals with sound, the auditory cortex, is adapted in each individual and tuned to the world around us.

Researchers uncover new piece to the puzzle of human height
In studies involving more than 35,000 people and a survey across the entire human genome, an international team supported in part by the National Institutes of Health has found evidence that common genetic variants recently linked to osteoarthritis may also play a minor role in human height.

Antarctic ice loss
Professor Jonathan Bamber at the University of Bristol and colleagues estimated the flux of ice from the ice sheet into the ocean from satellite data that cover 85 percent of Antarctica's coastline.

New genetic variants associated with lipid levels, risk for coronary artery disease
In research supported primarily by the National Institutes of Health, scientists have discovered more than 25 genetic variants in 18 genes connected to cholesterol and lipid levels. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to