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July 11, 2008
Challenges facing US RFID companies in global marketplace to be highlighted on Capitol Hill
A congressional briefing on the pluses and challenges U.S. companies face in the RFID global marketplace.

Report calls for expansion of professional science master's degree programs
Policymakers, universities, and employers should work together to speed the development of professionally oriented master's degree programs in the natural sciences, says a new report from the National Research Council.

'Fuel for thought' on transport sector challenges
A report on how Australia can best respond to the environmental and economic challenges arising from its dependence on fossil fuels for transport is being released in Melbourne today.

Lead shot and sinkers: Weighty implications for fish and wildlife health
Millions of pounds of lead used in hunting, fishing and shooting sports wind up in the environment each year and can threaten or kill wildlife, according to a new scientific report.

Children are naturally prone to be empathic and moral
Children between the ages of seven and 12 appear to be naturally inclined to feel empathy for others in pain, according to researchers who used functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) scans to study responses in children.

Digestive Disease Week study examined ACR's guidelines for CT colonography interpretation
This study examined the American College of Radiology's CT colonography guidelines recommending that polyps less than 5mm in size not be reported on CTC by applying them to an endoscopic database of removed and processed polyps.

Sounding out heart problems automatically
Research published in the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics looks set to add an information-age approach to diagnosing heart problems.

Researchers: Program discourages HIV transmission in Russia
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center found that sexual behavior counseling during drug addiction treatment should be considered an important component among Russian substance-dependent individuals, in order to decrease risky sexual behavior in the HIV at-risk population.

ASU creates Solar Power Laboratory to boost renewable energy industry, improve environment
To meet future needs for clean, renewable energy sources, Arizona State University is establishing the Solar Power Laboratory with the goal of improving the efficiency and economic viability of solar electric power systems.

Binge drinking tied to conditions in the college environment
Heavy alcohol use, or binge drinking, among college students in the United States is tied to conditions in the college environment.

'Cross fire' from the brain makes patients tremble
A typical symptom of Parkinson's disease is tremor in patients.

Louisiana Tech researchers feature drug reformulation in prestigious journal
Dr. Yuri Lvov, a professor of chemistry and micro and nanosystems at Louisiana Tech University, and Anshul Agarwal, a Louisiana Tech doctoral candidate in biomedical engineering feature their cancer drug reformulation work in the most recent issue of Pharma Focus Asia, one of the largest and most respected pharmaceutical science journals in the world.

Many more strokes
Because of the demographic changes, there will be a marked increase in strokes in the coming years.

Psychologist poses new hand-eye relationship
Psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis, led by Richard A.

Biological marker for Alzheimer's holds promise for earlier diagnosis and treatment
Researchers at Robarts Research Institute at the University of Western Ontario have found clear evidence that increases in the size of the brain ventricles are directly associated with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

Reading, math scores up for 4th and 8th graders, federal report shows
The nation's fourth and eighth graders scored higher in reading and mathematics than they did during their last national assessment, according to the federal government's latest annual statistical report on the well-being of the nation's children.

UCLA researchers locate and image prostate cancer as it spreads to lymph nodes
Using an engineered common cold virus, UCLA researchers delivered a genetic payload to prostate cancer cells that allowed them, using positron emission tomography, to locate the diseased cells as they spread to the lymph nodes, the first place prostate cancer goes before invading other organs.

UCSF receives five-year grant to research personal assistance services for people with disabilities
The UCSF School of Nursing has received its second $4.25 million, five-year grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research to continue the work of the Center for Personal Assistance Services.

University of Cincinnati professor receives Neuroradiology Society's highest honor
The American Society of Neuroradiology recently awarded Robert Lukin, M.D., the organization's highest honor: the Gold Medal.

Non-parental care of infants tied to unfavorable feeding practices
With more new mothers in the workplace than ever before, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of child care facilities in the United States.

Scientists discover key patterns in the packaging of genes
Although every cell of our bodies contains the same genetic instructions, specific genes typically act only in specific cells at particular times.

Houston Endowment donates $6.4 million to Rice U. for new Ph.D. program in sociology
A $6.4 million grant from Houston Endowment to Rice University will fund the establishment of the first Ph.D. program in sociology in Houston.

Magnolia compound hits elusive target in cancer cells
The natural compound honokiol blocks survival signals from the Ras family of genes in breast, lung and bladder cancer cells.

Treating rare breast cancer with radiation therapy may lower recurrence rate
Patients with a rare type of breast cancer may benefit from receiving radiation therapy in addition to surgery to prevent recurrence, according to a study in the July issue of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics, the official journal of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to