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August 24, 2008
Experimental investigation of 3-D propagation process from surface faults
This study investigates 3-D propagation processes of surface fault under biaxial compression.

Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis can be managed with aggressive treatment strategy
The global threat of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis could be managed with aggressive treatment programs, reducing the mortality associated with the condition and preventing further transmission.

Gene that causes childhood cancer neuroblastoma is found
Scientists have discovered gene mutations that are the main cause of the inherited (familial) version of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Improved satellite navigation for remote areas
CSIRO scientists with the Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship are working closely with industry and government to develop vastly improved navigation technology for remote areas.

Nano-sized 'trojan horse' to aid nutrition
Researchers from Monash University have designed a nano-sized

Brain study could lead to new understanding of depression
Brain scientists have moved a step closer to understanding why some people may be more prone to depression than others.

New approach needed to tackle child abuse and neglect
Leading child advocates have called for a new approach to tackling child abuse and neglect amid rising rates of abuse notifications and children being brought into state care.

Keeping cells youthful: How telomere-building proteins get drawn into the fold
It may take just one or two proteins to polish off a simple cellular task, but life-or-death matters, such as caring for the ends of chromosomes known as telomeres, require interacting crews of proteins, all with a common goal but each with a specialized task. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to