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November 23, 2008
UT Southwestern researchers develop new strategy for broad spectrum anti-viral drugs
Bavituximab, an anti-viral drug developed by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers, shows promise as a new strategy to fight viral diseases, including potential bioterrorism agents.

Spinning into the future of data storage
Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, have improved their understanding of the inner workings of our computers and mp3 players, thanks to an exciting new field of research called

Ultrasound waves aid in rapid treatment of DVT
The use of ultrasound waves for deep vein thrombosis may help dissolve blood clots in less time than using clot-busting drugs alone, according to researchers at Emory University.

Plants grow bigger and more vigorously through changes in their internal clocks
Hybrid plants, like corn, grow bigger and better than their parents because many of their genes for photosynthesis and starch metabolism are more active during the day, report researchers from the University of Texas at Austin in a new study published in the journal Nature.

Teaching the teachers
Professional standards program falls short of an

Scripps research team defines new painkilling chemical pathway
Marijuana can be an effective painkiller, but social issues and unhealthy smoke inhalation complicate its use.

Nature Medicine study shows Peregrine's bavituximab can cure lethal virus infections
A new strategy for antiviral therapy targets a lipid on the inside of cell membranes that flips inside-out onto the surface of virally infected cells and viruses.

The physics of golf balls
At the 61st Meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics this week, a team of researchers from Arizona State University and the University of Maryland is reporting research that may soon give avid golfers another way to improve their game.

Researchers discover strategy for predicting the immunity of vaccines
Researchers have developed a multidisciplinary approach involving immunology, genomics and bioinformatics to predict the immunity of a vaccine without exposing individuals to infection.

Melatonin may save eyesight in inflammatory disease
Current research suggests that melatonin therapy may help treat uveitis, a common inflammatory eye disease.

'Wiring' in the brain influences personality
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