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October 11, 2009
National pain research center will bring hope to millions
An expert network of doctors and research scientists is forming the world's first national center for research into understanding pain in arthritis.

Blood counts are clues to human disease
New research examines that most important and diverse of tissues -- blood -- for genetic markers important in health.

Ironing out the genetic cause of hemoglobin problems
A gene with a significant effect on regulating hemoglobin in the body has been identified as part of a genome-wide association study, which looked at the link between genes and hemoglobin level in 16,000 people.

Stranger homicide by people with schizophrenia is rare -- and unpredictable
Homicide of strangers by people with schizophrenia is so rare that is impossible to predict who might offend or when it might happen, say researchers in a study published today, Oct.

Banded rocks reveal early Earth conditions, changes
The strikingly banded rocks scattered across the upper Midwest and elsewhere throughout the world are actually ambassadors from the past, offering clues to the environment of the early Earth more than two billion years ago.

World will miss 2010 target to stem biodiversity loss, experts say
The world will miss its agreed target to stem biodiversity loss by next year, according to experts convening in Cape Town for a landmark conference devoted to biodiversity science.

New nanotech sensor developed with medical, chemistry applications
Researchers at Oregon State University and other institutions have developed a new

Radio waves 'see' through walls
University of Utah engineers showed that a wireless network of radio transmitters can track people moving behind solid walls. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to