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November 29, 2009
Spinons -- confined like quarks
The concept of confinement is one of the central ideas in modern physics.

Europe's device therapy use for heart failure doubles 2004-2008, some countries have low uptake
The use of implantable devices for the treatment of heart failure increased

Traditional indigenous fire management techniques deployed against climate change
A landmark Australian project that mitigates the extent and severity of natural savannah blazes by deploying traditional Indigenous fire management techniques is being hailed as a model with vast global potential in the fights against climate change and biodiversity loss, and for protecting indigenous lands and culture.

Caltech scientists explain puzzling lake asymmetry on Titan
Researchers at Caltech suggest that the eccentricity of Saturn's orbit around the sun may be responsible for the unusually uneven distribution of methane and ethane lakes over the northern and southern polar regions of the planet's largest moon, Titan.

Simulated training for ultrasound-guided procedures improves safety without risk to patients
Using mannequins to teach doctors-in-training how to do ultrasound-guided procedures is an effective way to improve their skills without compromising patient care and safety, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

New figures on cancer in Europe show a steady decline in mortality but big variations
New figures on deaths from cancer in Europe show a steady decline in mortality between the periods 1990-1994 and 2000-2004.

Is it right for drug companies to carry out their own clinical trials?
On today two experts debate whether the conflict of interest is unacceptable when drug companies carry out clinical trials on their own medicines.

Observation of confinement phenomenon in condensed matter
An experiment has confirmed that spinons, particle-like magnetic excitations, can be confined in a magnetic insulator similar to the way elementary quarks are confined within individual protons and neutrons.

Scientists get up close to bacteria's toxic pumps
Scientists are building a clearer image of the machinery employed by bacteria to spread antibiotic resistance or cause diseases such as whooping cough, peptic stomach ulcers and legionnaires' disease.

New study finds men and women may respond differently to danger
Researchers using functional magnetic resonance imaging to study brain activation have found that men and women respond differently to positive and negative stimuli, according to a new study.

Deciding to have a baby is an easier step for public sector workers
Working for the public sector is good for fertility, according to new Economic and Social Research Council funded research at the University of Oxford.

Study shows new brain connections form rapidly during motor learning
New connections begin to form between brain cells almost immediately as animals learn a new task, according to a study in which researchers observed the rewiring processes that take place in the brain during motor learning. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to