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February 20, 2010
Beyond the health care system
NIH's Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research convenes a panel discussion:

Roots key to second Green Revolution
Root systems are the basis of the second Green Revolution, and the focus on beans and corn that thrive in poor growing conditions will help some of the world's poorest farmers, according to a Penn State plant scientist.

Julia Phillips to speak on solid-state lighting's contributions to national energy efficiency
Solid-state lighting and its potential as a near-term generator of energy efficiencies will be the topic of a presentation by Julia Phillips, director of the Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center at Sandia National Laboratories, at the 2010 AAAS annual meeting.

Can math and science help solve crimes?
UCLA scientists working with the Los Angeles Police Department to analyze crime patterns report that criminal

Global warming may hurt some poor populations, benefit others
The impact of global warming on food prices and hunger could be large over the next 20 years.

David Anderson to discuss what model organisms can teach us about emotion
On Feb. 20, 2010, at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting in San Diego, HHMI investigator David Anderson will discuss how studies of model organisms such as mice and fruit flies can improve scientists' understanding of the neural basis of emotion.

Nanotechnology sparks energy storage on paper and cloth
Stanford engineer Yi Cui and his team have manufactured new energy storage devices out of paper and cloth, with a range of potential applications.

Stanford's Hank Greely puts neuroscience on trial
Although MRI scans showing a malfunctioning brain could conjure empathy and a finding of innocence for a criminal defendant, they might just as well lead jurors and judges to opt for convictions and long sentences, the law professor says.

Parental influence on child's science-career decision
Parental influence and access to mathematics courses are likely to guide students to careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine, according to research from Michigan State University.

George Daley to discuss challenges and opportunities facing stem cell scientists
On Feb. 20, HHMI investigator George Daley will describe the current climate facing stem cell researchers in the United States.

New tool illuminates connections between stem cells and cancer
On Feb. 20, 2010, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, HHMI investigator Owen Witte will discuss a new tool to understand how cancers grow -- and with it a new opportunity to identify novel cancer drugs.

Neuroscientist: Think twice about cutting music in schools
A Northwestern University neuroscientist will discuss the relationship between music and speech processing at an 11 a.m.

Marine spatial planning: A more balanced approach to ocean management
The old balkanized approach to ocean management, in which different resources and activities are governed by different laws and agencies, has failed to protect ocean ecosystems or reduce conflicts between ocean users, a panel of international scientists says.

Arizona State University's Decision Theater offers balance to an off-kilter world
Today's emerging sustainability challenges are complex and new to everyone.

The impact of genomics
Working with worms may not be your average person's idea of a good time.

Great Southern California shakeout results provide new communication strategies
Researchers who devised the largest earthquake preparedness event ever undertaken in the United States say one of the biggest challenges was translating devastation projections from a hypothetical magnitude 7.8 San Andreas Fault temblor into timely, usable information to the more than 5 million California participants in 2008. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to