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December 30, 2010
Risk for alcoholism linked to risk for obesity
Addiction researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

TRMM satellite sees system 98s raining on western Australia
System 98S is currently bringing rains and gusty winds to the northwestern coast of western Australia, and NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite spotted areas of moderate to heavy rainfall in the system.

Consistent exercise associated with lower risk of colon cancer death
Consistent exercise is associated with a lower risk of dying from colon cancer, according to a new study led by Siteman Cancer Center researchers.

First come, first served?
Emergency department overcrowding can result in long waiting times for seriously ill patients.

What triggers mass extinctions? Study shows how invasive species stop new life
An influx of invasive species can stop the dominant natural process of new species formation and trigger mass extinction events, according to research results published today in the journal PLoS ONE.

New test announced for major killer of lung transplant patients
A lung transplant can mean a new chance at life.

New technology to speed cleanup of nuclear contaminated sites
Members of the engineering faculty at Oregon State University have invented a new type of radiation detection and measurement device that will be particularly useful for cleanup of sites with radioactive contamination, making the process faster, more accurate and less expensive.

GOES satellites watch 2011 approach, look back at 2010
The GOES series of satellites keep an eye on the weather happening over the continental US and eastern Pacific and Atlantic oceans and had a busy time with wild weather in 2010.

National Cancer Institute renews Cancer Center designation for Huntsman Cancer Institute
Officials at Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah announced that the National Cancer Institute has renewed its prestigious designation as a Cancer Center.

Large-scale analysis identifies new genetic alterations associated with height
The research identifies uncommon and previously unknown variants associated with height and might provide insight into the genetic architecture of other complex traits.

Was Israel the birthplace of modern man?
Tel Aviv University archaeologists have discovered evidence that places Homo sapiens in Israel as early as 400,000 years ago -- the earliest evidence for the existence of modern man anywhere in the world.

LA BioMed's investigators named Southern California Super Doctors
A select 40 physician-researchers at LA BioMed were named 2011 Southern California Super Doctors in the January issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

'The Art of Invention' brings new ideas to life
In our world full of gadgets, sometimes the most elegantly designed invention is simplest.

Prevention of bad lifestyle habits should be tackled even before 13 years
Bad eating habits, ingestion of alcohol, sedentary lifestyles -- all unhealthy life habits that are already being detected in early adolescence and that are especially predominant amongst women and young people between the ages of 19 and 26.

2011 versus 1911: Many advances made, but old demons remain
The lead editorial in this week's Lancet -- the first of 2011 -- takes a look at the past 100 years in medicine, and examines the journal's first Editorial of 1911, entitled

Brazil to join the European Southern Observatory
The Federative Republic of Brazil has yesterday signed the formal accession agreement paving the way for it to become a Member State of the European Southern Observatory. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to