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February 27, 2011
Immune molecule regulates brain connections
The number of connections between nerve cells in the brain can be regulated by an immune system molecule, according to a new study from UC Davis.

Canada's role grows amid looming world water shortages in some places, more flooding in others
With a view to UN World Water Day, March 22, experts convening in Ottawa Feb.

First aid for the under 5s
One of the reasons often given by people for not attempting first aid in emergency situations is a lack of confidence and a fear of doing more harm than good.

Reforming public health in England: An alternative way forward
A group of public health experts today outline their alternative way forward for reforming public health in England, in a way which would offer better control of budgets, a more united workforce, and a truly independent system free from party political influence.

Certain parts of the brain activated in people who heard tailored health messages and quit smoking
People who demonstrated a stronger brain response to certain brain regions when receiving individually tailored smoking cessation messages were more likely to quit smoking four months after, a new study found.

How education can save your life
It is known that education decreases the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Canadian researchers first worldwide to generate pluripotent stem cells from horses
Pluripotent stem cells have been generated from horses by a team of researchers led by Dr.

Researchers from Hebrew U., US discover how mercury gets into fish we eat
Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the US have discovered the mechanism whereby dangerous mercury eventually finds its way into the fish we eat from the open seas and oceans.

Transmitted drug resistant HIV (Europe/USA) significantly increases likelihood of treatment failure: this can be minimized by testing for resistance before starting therapy
In Europe and the US, 10 percent of treatment-naïve patients are infected with transmitted drug resistant HIV that already has at least one drug-resistant mutation.

Experts propose global guidelines for safe use of Kava and new Australian study
Medical and scientific experts propose a global framework for the safe production and use of the medicinal plant Kava, including further clinical testing In Australia.

Advanced degrees add up to lower blood pressure
An analysis of thousands of people shows that the more years of higher education people pursue, the lower their blood pressure readings will be for decades afterward, especially among women. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to