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September 11, 2011
A guiding light for new directions in energy production
October's issue of Nature Photonics focuses on optofluidics, the study of microfluidics -- the microscopic delivery of fluids through extremely small channels or tubes -- combined with optics.

Innovating for every woman, every child
A report published online by the Lancet today --

Genome-wide hunts reveal new regulators of blood pressure
A study involving more than 200,000 people worldwide has identified 29 DNA sequence variations in locations across the human genome that influence blood pressure.

New coral dating method hints at possible future sea-level changes
New evidence of sea-level oscillations during a warm period that started about 125,000 years ago raises the possibility of a similar scenario if the planet continues its more recent warming trend, says a research team led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

NIH-funded research points to potential therapy for tumor-associated epilepsy
Brain tumors called gliomas are often associated with seizures, but why the seizures occur and how to effectively treat them have been elusive.

Squeezed laser will bring gravitational waves to the light of day
A quantum phenomenon allows detectors which sense oscillations of space-time to measure with 50 percent more accuracy.

USC scientists generate first detailed map of human neuroreceptor
For the first time, USC scientists have mapped out a neuroreceptor.

Study reveals critical similarity between two types of do-it-all stem cells
In a study published Sunday, Sept. 11, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison report the first full measurement of the proteins made by both types of stem cells.

Discovery of blood pressure genes could help prevent cardiovascular disease
Findings, published today in Nature and Nature Genetics by the International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies represent a major advance in our understanding of the inherited influences on blood pressure and offer new potential therapeutic targets for prevention of heart disease and stroke -- the biggest cause of death worldwide.

International study identifies new gene targets for hypertension treatment
A new report from scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and colleagues in centers around the world finds that common variants in 28 regions of DNA -- 16 previously unsuspected -- are associated with blood pressure in human patients.

Mayo Clinic teams with glowing cats against AIDS, other diseases
Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a genome-based immunization strategy to fight feline AIDS and illuminate ways to combat human HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Dangers of exposure to 'white' light
Exposure to the light of white LED bulbs, it turns out, suppresses melatonin five times more than exposure to the light of High Pressure Sodium bulbs that give off an orange-yellow light.

Scientists utilize breath and sweat to detect trapped humans
Molecules in their breath, sweat and skin have been used to detect humans in a simulation of a collapsed building, raising the prospect of portable sensors for use in real-life situations, such as the devastating aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and more recent disasters in New Zealand and Japan.

New research to help stroke patients who can't swallow
A simple function that most of us take for granted -- swallowing -- is the focus of University of Adelaide research which could help thousands of stroke sufferers around the world.

UTHealth, BCM researchers find common gene variant associated with aortic dissection
Richard Holbrooke and John Ritter died from it. Now scientists led by researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Baylor College of Medicine have found an association with a common genetic variant in the population that predisposes people to acute dissections and can approximately double a person's chances of having the disease. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to