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December 30, 2011
Graphene offers protection from intense laser pulses
Single-sheet graphene dispersion when substantially spaced apart in liquid cells or solid film matrices can exhibit novel excited state absorption mechanism that can provide highly effective broadband optical limiting well below the onset of microbubble or microplasma formation.

UC3M collaborates in the largest experiment in real time on cooperation in society
A total of 1,303 high school students in Aragon have participated in an online scientific-social experiment to determine the problems and conflicts arising from cooperation in present day society.

Cary Institute and WAMC debut new environment radio show
On January 2nd, WAMC Northeast Public Radio and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies will debut a new radio show called 'Earth Wise: A look at our changing environment.' The collaboration was formed to increase ecological literacy among radio listeners, with a focus on raising awareness about the science that underpins environmental issues.

AGU journal highlights -- Dec. 30 2011
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