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July 01, 2012
New light shed on explosive solar activity
The first images of an upward surge of the sun's gases into quiescent coronal loops have been identified by an international team of scientists.

Study answers Medicare concerns about paying for CT colonography
A new study of 1,400 Medicare-aged patients reinforces CT colonography as a screening tool for colon cancer, adding to the continued debate over Medicare coverage of the procedure.

Physics confirms sprinters are performing better than ever before
In this month's Physics World, Steve Haake, director of the Centre for Sports Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, discusses the development of the

Potential treatment target identified in an animal model of pancreatic cancer
Detailed analysis of genes expressed in circulating tumor cells -- cells that break off from solid tumors and travel through the bloodstream -- has identified a potential treatment target in metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Ants farm root aphid clones in subterranean rooms
New research published in BioMed Central's open-access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology shows that over half of ant mounds contained only one of the three most common species of aphid, and two thirds of these has a single aphid clone.

Secrets of lung cancer drug resistance revealed at UCSF
People with lung cancer who are treated with the drug Tarceva face a daunting uncertainty: although their tumors may initially shrink, it's not a question of whether their cancer will return -- it's a question of when.

La Jolla Institute scientist discovers key step in immune system-fueled inflammation
Like detectives seeking footprints and other clues on a television

The world's number of IVF and ICSI babies has now reached a calculated total of 5 million
The number of babies born as a result of assisted reproduction technologies (ART) has reached an estimated total of 5 million since the world's first, Louise Brown, was born in July 1978.

Pitt researchers propose new spin on old method to develop more efficient electronics
With the advent of semiconductor transistors -- invented in 1947 as a replacement for bulky and inefficient vacuum tubes -- has come the consistent demand for faster, more energy-efficient technologies.

Chronic inflammation in the brain leads the way to Alzheimer's disease
Research published today in Biomed Central's open-access journal Journal of Neuroinflammation suggests that chronic inflammation can predispose the brain to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Why chronic pain is all in your head
Why do some people with similar injuries end up with chronic pain while others recover and are pain free?

Penn researchers improve living tissues with 3-D printed vascular networks made from sugar
New advances in tissue engineering could one day make a replacement liver from a patient's cells, or animal muscle tissue that could be cut into steaks.

Diving seabirds: Working hard and living long
Scientists have found that diving birds reach their 30s and then die quickly and suddenly, showing few signs of aging prior to death.

Spending on children's health rising faster than adults over past 4 years, says report
Spending on health care for children grew faster than spending for adults between 2007 and 2010 due to increasing prices for all categories of goods and services, finds a new report from the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI).

Beyond base pairs: Mapping the functional genome
In a paper published in the July 1, 2012, issue of the journal Nature, researchers at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine open the book further, mapping for the first time a significant portion of the functional sequences of the mouse genome, the most widely used mammalian model organism in biomedical research.

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Develop Alternative to Gene Therapy
Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a surprisingly simple and safe method to disrupt specific genes within cells.

An error-eliminating fix overcomes big problem in '3rd-gen' genome sequencing
A team has developed a software package that fixes a serious problem inherent in is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to