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November 23, 2012
Working under extreme conditions
Large discoveries made in the Barents Sea mean a high level of petroleum output in these waters for the future.

SAGE acquires Royal Society of Medicine journals portfolio
SAGE, a world-leading independent academic and professional publisher, today announced a landmark agreement with the Royal Society of Medicine to acquire its journal program.

Britain in 2013 -- the nation in focus
Published on 19 November, Britain in 2013 -- the nation in focus, showcases the diversity of ESRC-funded research on the state of the nation.

An international competition reaffirms the potential of bioinformatics in the diagnosis of disease
The biosciences are generating enormous amounts of data at unprecedented speeds.

A Ph.D. thesis analyses political mistrust as a means for furthering democracy
Although citizen participation is starting to be an increasingly common practice in local administrations, some pieces of research have pointed out that this practice goes hand in hand with the emergence of citizen detachment with respect to the public institutions and an increase in political mistrust.

Fear of movement a common problem among patients with coronary artery disease
A doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has found that one out of five patients with coronary artery disease experience such a great fear of movement (kinesiophobia) that their health may suffer as a result.

Knowing a patient's history of falls will help doctors predict future fractures
Clinicians are being urged to ask about a patient's history of falls as new research shows that the information is valuable in determining their future risk of fracture.

Pilot whales use synchronized swimming when they sense danger
An international team of scientists have observed the behavior of various groups of cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar and Cape Breton in Canada belonging to the Globicephala melas species, which are also known as long-finned pilot whales.

Drained wetlands give off same amount of greenhouse gases as industry
Drained wetlands in Sweden account for the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as Swedish industry.

Myth that snuff users today have fewer dental caries
It is a myth that snus (Swedish snuff) users today have fewer dental caries.

New insights into a virus proteome
Max Planck scientists identify unknown proteins of the herpesvirus.

New test may improve cervical cancer detection
Routine smear tests have considerably reduced the number of cases of cervical cancer, but despite intensive screening 250 women in Sweden still die from the disease every year.

Michener Institute honors St. Michael's Hospital's interprofessional education program
The St. Michael's Student Cafe team has been awarded the Michener Institute Award for Clinical Interprofessional Collaboration and Education.

Offering a reward can improve visual awareness in stroke patients
Stroke patients who have difficulty paying attention to part of their visual field may perform better when offered a reward, a study by Imperial College London and Brunel University researchers has found.

Improving 3-D image capture in real time
Researchers at the UPNA-Public University of Navarre develop a technique to improve the capture in real time of three-dimensional images.

The preparatory meeting of SELSA successfully conducted in Copenhagen
Sino European Life Science Association successfully held the preparatory meeting in Carlsberg Akademi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Researchers link new molecular culprit to breast cancer progression
Johns Hopkins researchers have uncovered a protein

Fields for feelings
A specialist on religion, Anne Kalvig has drawn on magical practice to provide a perspective on the crop circle discourse.

Climate change evident across Europe, confirming urgent need for adaptation
Copenhagen. Climate change is affecting all regions in Europe, causing a wide range of impacts on society and the environment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to