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June 15, 2013
Bushfires in north of Western Australia
Since Australia is heading into their winter as the northern climates head into summer, the north of Western Australia is ripe for bushfires.

Dietary supplement linked to increased muscle mass in the elderly
A supplemental beverage used to treat muscle-wasting may help boost muscle mass among the elderly, according to a new study.

Estrogen replacement therapy helps reduce anxiety in anorexia nervosa
Estrogen replacement therapy is associated with a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms among girls with anorexia nervosa, a new clinical trial finds.

Weight loss drug added to diet and exercise improves blood sugar control
The new weight loss drug lorcaserin appears to improve blood sugar control in nondiabetic, overweight individuals, independent of the amount of weight they lose, a new study finds.

Being overweight linked to excess stress hormones after eating
Overweight and obese men secrete greater amounts of stress hormones after eating, which may make them more susceptible to disease, a new observational study finds.

Weight loss improves memory and alters brain activity in overweight women
Memory improves in older, overweight women after they lose weight by dieting, and their brain activity actually changes in the regions of the brain that are important for memory tasks, a new study finds.

Teaching complete evolutionary stories increases learning
Evolution is often thought to be a difficult subject to teach.

Medical intervention in transgender adolescents appears to be safe and effective
Hormone treatment to halt puberty in adolescents with gender identity disorder does not cause lasting harm to their bones, a new study finds.

Too little sleep may trigger the 'munchies' by raising levels of an appetite-controlling molecule
Insufficient sleep may contribute to weight gain and obesity by raising levels of a substance in the body that is a natural appetite stimulant, a new study finds.

Whole body vibration therapy increases bone strength
A treatment known as whole body vibration therapy significantly increases bone strength among adolescents with cerebral palsy, a new clinical trial from New Zealand shows.

'Gene signature' test diagnoses benign thyroid growths
A new genetic test accurately and consistently diagnoses benign growths, or nodules, on the thyroid gland, according to a study from Chile.

Vitamin D deficiency may raise allergy and asthma risk in obese children, teens
One reason why obese children and teenagers are more likely to have hard-to-control asthma and allergies may be vitamin D deficiency, a new study finds.

Osteoporosis drug may help treat advanced hormone-sensitive breast cancer
A new osteoporosis drug hinders the growth of estrogen-sensitive cancer that has become resistant to treatment with tamoxifen, a study in mice shows.

Impaired heart function among obese children may help predict later disease
Impaired heart function among obese children and adolescents may be an indicator of future heart disease, a new clinical trial finds.

Steroid hormone may be indicator of infant distress
During labor and delivery, infants preferentially secrete a different stress hormone than their mothers do, according to a new clinical study.

Excessive salt consumption appears to be bad for your bones
A high-salt diet raises a woman's risk of breaking a bone after menopause, no matter what her bone density is, according to a new study that will be presented Saturday at The Endocrine Society's 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Source of tumor growth in aggressive prostate cancer found
Researchers have discovered a molecular switch that explains, at least in part, how some fast-growing prostate cancers become resistant to hormone treatment, a new study conducted in human cell cultures and mice finds.

Drugs used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure may help decrease obesity
A type of drug normally used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure helped prevent weight gain and other complications related to a high-fat diet in an animal study.

Healthy, full-term babies use a different stress hormone than their mother
A University of Calgary researcher has identified how a steroid hormone may indicate infant distress during labour and delivery.

Adolescents' high-fat diet impairs memory and learning
A high-fat diet in adolescence appears to have long-lasting effects on learning and memory during adulthood, a new study in mice finds.

Osteoporosis drug stops growth of breast cancer cells, even in resistant tumors
A drug approved in Europe to treat osteoporosis has now been shown to stop the growth of breast cancer cells, even in cancers that have become resistant to current targeted therapies, according to a Duke Cancer Institute study. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to