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August 04, 2013
UCSB study finds climate change is causing modifications to marine life behavior
Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth's surface, yet our knowledge of the impact of climate change on marine habitats is a mere drop in the proverbial ocean compared to terrestrial systems.

Do antioxidants improve a woman's chances of conceiving?
There is no high quality evidence that antioxidant supplements help to increase a woman's chances of having a baby, according to the results of a new systematic review.

Vanderbilt scientists discover potential new way to treat anxiety
Chemically modified inhibitors of the COX-2 enzyme relieve anxiety behaviors in mice by activating natural

Wistar scientists decipher structure of NatA, an enzyme complex that modifies most human proteins
Wistar researchers have led a team of scientists to determine the structure of NatA, an enzyme complex that modifies one end of most human proteins and is made at elevated levels in numerous forms of cancer.

Social status and power of action of speakers determine the way their statements are perceived
The actual standing of speakers within a society's power structure determines how their statements are perceived.

MIT researchers reveal how the brain keeps eyes on the prize
Researchers reveal how the brain remains focused on long-term goals.

Materials break, then remake, bonds to build strength
Microscopic tears in a new kind of man-made material may actually help the substance bulk up like a bodybuilder at the gym.

The River Odra mouth area's biological diversity explained in new open access books
The Great Lagoon is the major component in the Odra River mouth system.

The brain's GPS: Researchers discover human neurons linked to navigation in open environments
Using direct human brain recordings, a research team from Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA and Thomas Jefferson University has identified a new type of cell in the brain that helps people to keep track of their relative location while navigating an unfamiliar environment.

Practice makes the brain's motor cortex more efficient, Pitt researchers say
Not only does practice make perfect, it also makes for more efficient generation of neuronal activity in the brain's primary motor cortex, say researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Mechanism offers promising new approach for harnessing the immune system to fight cancer
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have discovered a way to target the immune system to shrink or eliminate tumors in mice without causing autoimmune problems.

Global investigation reveals true scale of ocean warming
Warming oceans are causing marine species to change breeding times and shift homes with expected substantial consequences for the broader marine landscape, according to a new global study.

Distinct brain disorders biologically linked
Researchers have identified an unexpected link between two distinct brain disorders: schizophrenia and Fragile X Syndrome, the most widespread single-gene cause of autism and inherited cause of mental retardation among boys.

Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells, Stanford scientists say
Instead of mimicking rigid solar cells made of silicon crystals, materials scientists should embrace the inherently disordered nature of plastic polymers, say Stanford University scientists.

Mechanism that allows bacteria to infect plants may inspire cure for eye disease
By borrowing a tool from bacteria that infect plants, scientists have developed a new approach to eliminate mutated DNA inside mitochondria -- the energy factories within cells.

Researchers dismantle bacteria's war machinery
This is a veritable mechanics of aggression on the nanoscale.

Study reveals potential role of 'love hormone' oxytocin in brain function
In a study appearing online Aug. 4 in Nature, NYU Langone Medical Center researchers decipher how oxytocin, acting as a neurohormone in the brain, not only reduces background noise, but more importantly, increases the strength of desired signals. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to