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August 22, 2015
Veterans live in more diverse neighborhoods than their civilian counterparts of same race
When members of the US military leave the service, they tend to settle in neighborhoods with greater overall diversity than their civilian counterparts of the same race, according to a new study.

Food is community
According to a new University of Iowa study, people are shopping farmers markets and joining food coops at record numbers because they enjoy knowing who grows their food.

Self-healing landscape: Landslides after earthquakes
In mountainous regions earthquakes often cause strong landslides, which can be exacerbated by heavy rain.

Americans support local food markets to feel part of something bigger than themselves
More Americans than ever before are supporting their local food markets, and it's not just because they believe the food is fresher and tastes better.

Both sides framed Keystone XL Pipeline debate in Nebraska
As supporters and opponents of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline testified at public hearings in Nebraska between 2010-2013, several interest groups attempted to frame the debate in different ways.

Announcing the TCT 2015 late-breaking trials and first report investigations
CRF has announced the late-breaking trials and first report investigations that will be presented at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2015 scientific symposium.

Women more likely than men to initiate divorces, but not non-marital breakups
Women are more likely than men to initiate divorces, but women and men are just as likely to end non-marital relationships, according to a new study.

Study shows TV's subliminal influence on women's perception of pregnancy and birth
In an era where popular culture is increasingly recognized for its impact on lay understanding of health and medicine, few scholars have looked at television's powerful role in the creation of patient expectations, especially regarding pregnancy and birth.

Unmarried women: Politically cohesive, more concerned about women's status
Why do unmarried women tend to be more liberal and Democratic than their married counterparts?

American women use book club memberships in dating field
For American women, a book club membership means more than having status as a reader, as it might pay dividends to them in the dating field as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to