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July 17, 2016
Malnutrition, shaping up to be a first world problem
Australian researchers have discovered that a bad diet has consequences on your immune system even before you notice an increase in body weight.

Blood management guidelines can reduce blood wastage and save millions of dollars
Improving the processes of ordering, transporting, and storing blood can save millions of dollars and drastically reduce blood wastage, reported a research team from one academic medical center after implementing institutional initiatives to address blood management.

Many elderly people are receiving and using prescription medications inappropriately
A new study from Belgium indicates that the majority of community-dwelling elderly adults are taking prescription medications inappropriately.

Flight of the bumble bee reveals plants' flair for flower arranging
Plants can maximize their chances of reproduction by taking advantage of how insects move between flowers when they track down nectar, a study suggests.

The architecture of audition
The neural architecture in the auditory cortex -- the part of the brain that processes sound -- of profoundly deaf and hearing people is virtually identical, a new study has found.

Automated communication system actively engages surgical patients in preventing SSIs
In its first test among orthopedic surgery patients as a feasible tool for enhancing care and reducing surgical site infections (SSIs), an automated text and voice messaging system improved communication about the preventive steps patients should take a week prior to their operations and the early signs of infection they need to report in the two weeks afterward. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to