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July 09, 2017
Purpose in life by day linked to better sleep at night
Having a purpose in life means you are more likely to sleep better at night with less sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome, reports a new study.

Blood vessels are not designed to fight infection
Osaka University researchers show endothelial cells are vulnerable to bacterial infection because they lack certain immune machinery common in other cells.

High-speed whole-brain imaging improves understanding of brain disease
Researchers at Osaka University develop a high-speed serial-sectioning imaging system that captures high-resolution images of a whole mouse brain and furthers our understanding of brain diseases in rodents and primates.

Going to extremes to predict natural disasters
A systematic approach to selecting and configuring statistical models improves predictions of extreme events.

Sustainable amine production through hydrogenation of amides under mild conditions
Osaka University group demonstrates a catalyst that effectively converts amides to amines at low temperature under low hydrogen pressure.

Detailed structure of the sweat gland revealed
Researchers at Osaka University have characterized the structure of human sweat glands down to the single cell level; the findings clarify the functional components of these glands and their interactions with the vasculature and nervous system, and thus could lead to treatments for sweating disorders.

Study reveals new insights into rare chronic pain condition
A new study from the University of Bath's Centre for Pain Research focuses on the cognitive psychology behind Complex Regional Pain Disorder.

New force measurement platform provides window to study cardiovascular disease
Virginia Tech and University of Pittsburgh researchers have developed a method to study the role of biomechanical forces and their disruption in diseased pathologies using relevant platforms that provide a window to study disease manifestation and progression.

New research offers hope to neuro-tumor patients
New research published today, July 10, 2017, online in the journal Oncogene could offer hope to the thousands of, mainly young, people affected by the hereditary condition Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to