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May 05, 2018
Study shows early family and community support are essential to children's academic success
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with poor outcomes in adults.

Study uses eye tracking to assess receptive language in children
The objective of this study was to assess feasibility of using eye tracking as a tool for evaluating receptive language in children with profound expressive language delays, in term infants post perinatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and ex premature infants, as compared to typically developing children.

Mothers of children born with NAS are more likely to experience mental health problems
Women with a history of substance use disorders (SUD) have a high incidence of coexisting psychiatric and mood disorders as well as difficulty managing adversity.

Reduction in federal funding could reduce quality of specialized pediatric care
Although Medicaid/CHIP are directed at providing health services for low-income children, the potential impact of reduced Medicaid/CHIP spending on regionalized systems of hospital care for seriously ill children remains unexplored.

Training pediatricians critical to improving quality of care for transgender youth
Training pediatricians is critical to improving quality of care for increasing number of transgender youth in the US receiving medical services.

New study examines urban-rural residence and rates of child physical abuse hospitalizations
Rural counties have higher child poverty and less access to social services.

Few transgender teens and parents willing to delay hormone therapy to preserve fertility
Fertility preservation is an important issue to address with transgender and gender non-conforming youth and their families prior to starting gender-affirming hormones.

Which targeted nutritional approaches can bolster micro-preemies' brain development?
The volume of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and calories consumed by very vulnerable preemies significantly contributes to increased brain volume and white matter development, however additional research is needed to determine specific nutritional approaches that best support these infants' developing brains, according to research to be presented during the Pediatric Academic Societies 2018 annual meeting.

Survey finds many adolescents are not talking to their doctors and parents about sex
Teens/young adults account for more sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than all other ages combined.

Placental ALLO levels rise during pregnancy and peak as fetuses approach full term
The placenta ramps up ALLO production in the second trimester of pregnancy and achieves peak production just as fetuses approach full term, according to multi-institutional research presented during the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2018 annual meeting.

Depression among parents of newborns can persist 6 months after NICU discharge
Young parents who have less education and care for more than one child are more likely to have persistent symptoms of depression that linger six months after their newborn is discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit, according to a Children's National Health System research presentation during the Pediatric Academic Societies 2018 annual meeting.

Influenza vaccine delays are a problem for pediatricians
Uptake of influenza vaccine among children is low compared to other childhood vaccines, and missed opportunities for vaccination play an important role in this low uptake.

Stricter state firearms laws associated with lower pediatric mortality rates from firearms
States with stricter firearm laws have lower rates of firearm-related deaths in children, according to cross-sectional analyses to be presented during the Pediatric Academic Societies 2018 annual meeting.

Correlation between secondhand marijuana and tobacco smoke exposure and children ED visits
Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in the US.

COstatus monitor provides direct measure of neonates' cardiac output
Clinicians at Children's National Health System hypothesized that COstatus monitors could offer a way to directly measure cardiac output among neonates.

Study examines impact of extended maternity leave on breastfeeding in active duty mothers
This study evaluates the effects of prolongation of maternity leave duration on the initiation and duration of breastfeeding in active duty mothers at a single military treatment facility.

At-risk adolescents are less likely to express depression on social media as they age
Social media use can provide important information on the mental health of adolescents, including their own descriptions of their experiences.

Factors associated with sexual coercion among adolescents in rural communities
Consent is essential to healthy adolescent relationships, and sexual coercion is associated with poor sexual health outcomes.

Long-term effects of pre-birth exposure to anti-depressants 12 years later
This study investigates the complex relationships between pre-birth exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants, and thinking and attention skills in 12-year-olds.

Study shows barriers exist for Texas adolescents seeking emergency contraception
In the US, emergency contraception in the form of levonorgestrel 1.5mg oral tablet has been available over-the-counter for over 10 years and without an age limit for five years.

EPO protects preemies' brains by modifying genes essential for generating new brain cells
Genetic analyses conducted by a multi-institutional research team finds that EPO may work its neuroprotective magic by modifying genes essential for regulating growth and development of nervous tissue as well as genes that respond to inflammation and hypoxia.

New studies measure screen-based media use in children
Screen-based media are increasingly prevalent in children's lives beginning in infancy, with different aspects linked to potential benefits and developmental/health risks.

Majority of late preterm infants suffer from morbidities resulting in hospital stay
Late preterm infants constitute 70 percent of the preterm population. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to