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Immune Biology of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: Models in Discovery and Translation | Hardcover

by Gerard Socie (Editor), Robert Zeiser (Editor), Bruce R. Blazar (Editor)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Academic Press
Edition:  2nd Edition
Page Count:  430 Pages
Publication Date:  November 21, 2018
Sales Rank:  2442864th


Product Description
Immune Biology of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, Second Edition: Models in Discovery and Translation provides clinical and scientific researchers with a deep understanding of the current research in this field and its implications for translational practice. By providing an overview of the immune biology of HSCT, an explanation of immune rejection, and detail on antigens and their role in HSCT success, this book embraces biologists and clinicians who need a broad view of the deeply complex processes involved. It then moves on to discuss the immunobiology mechanisms that influence graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), graft-versus-leukemia (GVL) effect, and transplantation success. Using illustrative figures, highlighting key issues, describing recent successes and discussing unanswered questions, this book sums up the current state of HSCT to enhance prospects for the future. New sections focus on microbiome, metabolism, micro-RNA and mRNA regulatory mechanisms and pathways in GVHD, innate lymphoid system development, recovery and function in GVHD, genetically engineered T-cell therapies and immune system engagers for GVHD and graft-vs-tumor (GVT), and hematopoietic cell transplant for tolerance induction in solid organ grafts. Brings together perspectives from leading laboratories and clinical research groups to highlight advances from bench to bedsideGuides readers through the caveats that must be considered when drawing conclusions from studies with animal models Categorizes published advances in various aspects of immune biology of allogeneic HSCT to illustrate opportunities for clinical applications


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