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Geotechnical Engineering: Principles & Practices (2nd Edition) | Hardcover

by Donald P. Coduto (Author), Man-chu Ronald Yeung (Author), William A. Kitch (Author)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Pearson
Edition:  2ndnd Edition
Page Count:  794 Pages
Publication Date:  2010
Sales Rank:  481116th


Product Description
Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices, 2/e, is ideal or junior-level soil mechanics or introductory geotechnical engineering courses.   This introductory geotechnical engineering textbook explores both the principles of soil mechanics and their application to engineering practice. It offers a rigorous, yet accessible and easy-to-read approach, as well as technical depth and an emphasis on understanding the physical basis for soil behavior.  The second edition has been revised to include updated content and many new problems and exercises, as well as to reflect feedback from reviewers and the authors’ own experiences.


Structural Analysis (9th Edition)

Structural Analysis (9th Edition)
by Russell C. Hibbeler (Author)

Structural Analysis is intended for use in Structural Analysis courses. It is also suitable for individuals planning a career as a structural engineer.


Structural Analysis provides readers with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams, and frames. Emphasis is placed on teaching students to both...

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers (4th Edition)

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers (4th Edition)
by Michael S. Mamlouk (Author), John P. Zaniewski (Author)

Civil and Construction Engineering Materials: Properties, Uses, and Evaluations

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers helps readers understand and select the materials involved in supporting the infrastructure needs of society--from buildings, to water and treatment distribution systems, to dams, highways, and airport pavements. By gaining a deep understanding of material behavior and the material selection...

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
by Kenneth M. Leet Emeritus (Author), Chia-Ming Uang (Author), Anne Gilbert (Author)

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis fourth edition, introduces engineering and architectural students to the basic techniques for analyzing the most common structural elements, including beams, trusses, frames, cables, and arches. The text covers the classical methods of analysis for determinate and indeterminate structures, and provides an introduction to the matrix formulation on which computer analysis is based.

This edition features an expanded treatment of snow,...

Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design

Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design
by James R. Mihelcic (Author), Julie B. Zimmerman (Author)

Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design presents civil engineers with an introduction to chemistry and biology, through a mass and energy balance approach. ABET required topics of emerging importance, such as sustainable and global engineering are also covered. Problems, similar to those on the FE and PE exams, are integrated at the end of each chapter. Aligned with the National Academy of Engineering’s focus on managing carbon and nitrogen, the 2nd edition...

Introduction to Environmental Engineering (The Mcgraw-hill Series in Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Introduction to Environmental Engineering (The Mcgraw-hill Series in Civil and Environmental Engineering)
by Mackenzie L Davis (Author), David A Cornwell (Author)

Introduction to Environmental Engineering, 5/e contains the fundamental science and engineering principles needed for introductory courses and used as the basis for more advanced courses in environmental engineering.

Updated with latest EPA regulations, Davis and Cornwell apply the concepts of sustainability and materials and energy balance as a means of understanding and solving environmental engineering issues. With over 720 end-of-chapter problems, as well as provocative discussion...

Steel Design

Steel Design
by William T. Segui (Author)

STEEL DESIGN covers the fundamentals of structural steel design with an emphasis on the design of members and their connections, rather than the integrated design of buildings. The book is designed so that instructors can easily teach LRFD, ASD, or both, time-permitting. The application of fundamental principles is encouraged for design procedures as well as for practical design, but a theoretical approach is also provided to enhance student development. While the book is intended for...
Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis

Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis
by Fred L. Mannering (Author), Scott S. Washburn (Author)

The 5th edition of the Mannering's Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis continues to offer a concise approach that covers all the necessary fundamental concepts.  New features in this edition include updates and more consistency with the latest edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM); the inclusion of sample FE exam questions, call-out of common mistakes; and added coverage on a qualitative description of the mechanistic approach.

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems (5th Edition)

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems (5th Edition)
by Robert J. Houghtalen (Author), A. Osman H. Akan (Author), Ned H. C. Hwang (Author)

Understanding Hydraulics: The Design, Analysis, and Engineering of Hydraulic Systems


Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems bridges the gap between fundamental principles and techniques applied to the design and analysis of hydraulic engineering systems. An extension of fluid mechanics, hydraulics is often more difficult to understand, and experience shows that many engineering...

Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version

Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version
by Donald F. Elger (Author), Barbara A. LeBret (Author), Clayton T. Crowe (Author), John A. Robertson (Author)

Written by dedicated educators who are also real-life engineers with a passion for the discipline, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 11th Edition, carefully guides students from fundamental fluid mechanics concepts to real-world engineering applications. The Eleventh Edition and its accompanying resources deliver a powerful learning solution that helps students develop a strong conceptual understanding of fluid flow phenomena through clear physical descriptions, relevant and engaging...
Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (3rd Edition)

Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (3rd Edition)
by Gilbert M. Masters (Author), Wendell P. Ela (Author)

This work presents all the major categories of environmental pollution, with coverage of current topics such as climate change and ozone depletion, risk assessment, indoor air quality, source-reduction and recycling, and groundwater contamination.

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