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Methods for Meta-Analysis in Medical Research | Hardcover

by Alexander J. Sutton (Author), Keith R. Abrams (Author), David R Jones (Author), Trevor A. Sheldon (Author), Fujian Song (Author)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Wiley
Edition:  1st Edition
Page Count:  348 Pages
Publication Date:  December 19, 2000
Sales Rank:  2727138th


Product Description
With meta-analysis methods playing a crucial role in healthresearch in recent years, this important and clearly-written bookprovides a much-needed survey of the field.Meta-analysis provides a framework for combining the results ofseveral clinical trials and drawing inferences about theeffectiveness of medical treatments. The move towardsevidence-based health care and practice is underpinned by the useof meta-analysis. This book:* Provides a thorough criticism and an up-to-date survey ofmeta-analysis methods* Emphasises the practical approach, and illustrates the methods bynumerous examples* Describes the use of Bayesian methods in meta-analysis* Includes discussion of appropriate software for eachanalysis* Includes numerous references to more advanced treatment ofspecialist topics* Refers to software code used in the examples available on theauthors' Web sitePractising statisticians, statistically-minded clinicians andhealth research professionals will benefit greatly from the clearpresentation and numerous examples. Medical researchers will graspthe basic principles of meta-analysis, and learn how to apply thevarious methods.


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