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The Barrier Islands: A Photographic History of Life on Hog, Cobb, Smith, Cedar, Parramore, Metompkin, and Assateague | Hardcover

by Curtis J. Badger (Author), Rick Kellam (Author)

List Price: $26.95  

Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Stackpole Books
Page Count:  160 Pages
Publication Date:  March 01, 1989
Sales Rank:  624579th


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Product Description
An eloquent record of island life off the coast of Virginia a century ago, when hunters and watermen harvested the riches in marsh and shoal and sportsmen came to fish the sea and relax on the beaches. This handsome book captures the spirit of those days. Curtis Badger and Rich Kellam conducted exhaustive research, interviewed descendants of old islanders, and collected over 300 photographs to tell the story of the generations who lived, worked, and played on the Barrier Islands.The most complete history of life on the Barrier Islands Filled with vintage photographs


The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake

The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake
by William B. Cronin (Author)

Scientists estimate that, until 1900, the water level of the Chesapeake Bay rose at the rate of three feet every thousand years. Alarmingly enough, the bay rose by one foot in the twentieth century alone, and for evidence of this dramatic change one need only observe the effects of rising water on the islands of the Chesapeake Bay, which slowly are slipping from sight.

A retired oceanographer who first conducted research on the bay in the 1950s, William B. Cronin here supplies a survey...

An Island Out of Time: A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake

An Island Out of Time: A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake
by Tom Horton (Author)

"He has captured in full the life of the island."―Washington Post Book World

A classic of Chesapeake Bay literature, Tom Horton's An Island Out of Time chronicles the three years Horton and his family spent on Smith Island, a marshy archipelago in the middle of Maryland's famous estuary. The result is an intimate portrait of a deeply traditional community that lived much as their ancestors did three hundred years before, attuned to the habits of blue...
Exploring Delmarva: A Travel Guide from Cape Charles to Chesapeake City

Exploring Delmarva: A Travel Guide from Cape Charles to Chesapeake City
by Curtis Badger (Author)

Discover the Delmarva Peninsula through this new travel guide. Delmarva consists of portions of three states--DELaware, MAryland, and VirginiA--and separates the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Delaware River. Fifty stories provide tourists and residents alike with a view of Delmarva that shows why it may just be these states' best-kept secret. Learn about the special kinship residents share as you tour historic Lewes in Delaware, St. Michaels in Maryland, Kiptopeke...
Mrs. Kitching's Smith Island Cookbook

Mrs. Kitching's Smith Island Cookbook
by Susan Stiles Dowell (Author), Frances Kitching (Author)

On tiny Smith Island, seventy-five miles southeast of Washington, D.C., in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, Frances Kitching operated a small, widely renowned restaurant. Susan Stiles Dowell, working closely with her, gathered more than one hundred of her recipes -- many of them from the generation-to-generation, oral tradition.This is more than just a regional cookbook. In Mrs. Dowell's sensitive and luminous telling of the lore and lure of this remote island, and in forty evocative...
Chesapeake: A Novel

Chesapeake: A Novel
by James A. Michener (Author), Steve Berry (Introduction)

In this classic novel, James A. Michener brings his grand epic tradition to bear on the four-hundred-year saga of America’s Eastern Shore, from its Native American roots to the modern age. In the early 1600s, young Edmund Steed is desperate to escape religious persecution in England. After joining Captain John Smith on a harrowing journey across the Atlantic, Steed makes a life for himself in the New World, establishing a remarkable dynasty that parallels the emergence of America. Through the...
Seashore Chronicles: Three Centuries of the Virginia Barrier Island

Seashore Chronicles: Three Centuries of the Virginia Barrier Island
by Brooks M. Barnes (Editor), Barry R. Truitt (Editor)

ASSATEAGUE, Chincoteague, Parramore, Smith's, Hog, Wallop's: The names of Virginia's isolated barrier islands evoke their beauty and wildness, their dynamic ecology. Drawing chapters from the writings of novelists, naturalists, journalists, and outdoorsmen, Seashore Chronicles presents the history of these slender, constantly shifting landforms from the 1650s to the present. Robert E. Lee surveys the agricultural potential of Smith's Island, and a young Howard Pyle describes the Chincoteague...

Great Storms of the Chesapeake (Disaster)

Great Storms of the Chesapeake (Disaster)
by David Healey (Author), Bernadette Woods (Foreword)

Even before John Smith's crew weathered its first squall, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries had been ravaged by every type of storm imaginable. A 1769 hurricane altered the course of history, demolishing the shipping channels of Charlestown and making Baltimore the dominant port. A once-in-five-hundred-years storm, Tropical Storm Agnes, left more than seventy people dead and devastated the ecology of the bay. Before the blizzards of 2009 and 2010, the snowfall record was held by the...
Chincoteague and Assateague Islands    (MD and VA)  (Images  of  America)

Chincoteague and Assateague Islands (MD and VA) (Images of America)
by Nan Devincent-Hayes (Author), Bo Bennett (Author)

The thriving barrier islands of Chincoteague and Assateague entice over a million tourists to their shores every year. Adjacent to one another, these parcels of land jutting into the Atlantic have a symbiotic relationship―Chincoteague, a modern, developed community that thrives on tourism, helps attract visitors to neighboring Assateague, which in turn acts as a natural buffer against the surging tides and is home to Assateague Island National
Seashore, a state park that provides...
 Off 13: The Eastern Shore of Virginia Guidebook
by Kirk Mariner (Author), Dolores Tyler (Author)

Look, if you want to find cool and interesting things along and just off of US Route 13 (US-13) on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, then THIS is your book. From the back cover: "No need to worry about where to eat or lodge when visiting greater downtown Eastville (population 185) or the giant metropolis of Onancock (population 1,434). You'll probably be surprised at the variety of what the Virginia Eastern Shore has to offer, and pleased at the prices. And this guidebook lists all the...
Delmarva Legends & Lore

Delmarva Legends & Lore
by David Healey (Author)

Between the waters of the Atlantic and the Chesapeake is Delmarva, a storied land that was once the hunting ground of Blackbeard, where ancient sea monsters lurk and wild ponies gallop along the beaches. Local author David Healey explores the lore of Delmarva, from the legends of St. Michaels--the town that escaped British cannons with a clever trick--to stories of Assateague's cannibalistic colonists and the all but forgotten history of Anna Carroll, President Lincoln's "Dear Lady," who is...

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