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RECIPROCITY: Black Women Interracial and Intercultural Marriage-BOOK 3: Do For One Who May Do For You | Paperback

by Eve Sharon Moore (Author)

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Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Page Count:  234 Pages
Publication Date:  November 27, 2009
Sales Rank:  5558875th


Product Description
Penetrating essays and riveting comments from the 2007 Associated Press highlighted website: as black women, white men, and others discuss the factors in the current social environment that are causing the surge in interracial and intercultural dating and marriages between African American women and men of other races and cultures. Internet personality, Eve Sharon "Evia" Moore urges African American women to make marriage to a "quality" man of whatever skin shade and cultural background a high priority, especially if there are to be children. Check out why more than 1 million readers have viewed over 2,500,000 pages of Evia's motivational and commonsense writings, thousands of comments from readers, and hundreds of photos of interracially and interculturally married black women and their mates. Find out why readers flock to Evia's site often and return eagerly to see and read more.

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