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Making Violet: A Sperm Donor Story | Paperback

by Erin DeVore (Author)

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Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Page Count:  24 Pages
Publication Date:  April 29, 2017
Sales Rank:  338158th


Product Description
Violet and Mommy discuss the way Violet was created using the help of a sperm donor, through the metaphor of mixing paints like red and blue to make purple. As the mother of a child conceived via sperm donor, I found that there weren't simple children's books to explain our unique family story the way there were for adoption and other alternative family creation methods. This story is the honest and simple telling that I've used with my own children and I hope helps your family share and learn too.


I've Got Dibs!: A Donor Sibling Story

I've Got Dibs!: A Donor Sibling Story
by Amy Dorfman (Author), Darren Goldman (Illustrator)

I've Got Dibs! is a sweet story of a mother and daughter discussing the young girl's donor siblings for the first time. The conversation focuses on the special connection a donor-conceived child has with other children conceived using the same donor. I've Got Dibs! is a great way to start this conversation with your children, your child's friends, as well as the adults in your life who may be struggling to understand these unique relationships. By sharing this book with her own child the author...
2: The Pea that was Me: A Sperm Donation Story

2: The Pea that was Me: A Sperm Donation Story
by Kim Kluger-Bell (Author)

The Pea That Was Me: A Sperm Donation Story is a charming and light-hearted picture book which answers (in very simple terms) the question of "where did I come from?" Reference is made to the fact that "it takes an egg and a sperm to make a baby" and that "a very nice man" donated some sperm to "help mommy and daddy make me!" This version of The Pea series refers to a "mommy and daddy." This unique book is a great way to introduce young children ages 3 and up to the fact that their parents...
Why Don't I Have A Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception

Why Don't I Have A Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception
by George Anne Clay (Author)

As the little lion cub notices all different types of families, he starts to question his own family. His family consists of his mother and him. The little cub learns that while there is no "daddy" in his family, there is a donor lion who made his life possible. Through his mother's love and nurturing, the lion cub understands how special he and his family are. This book presents the basic facts of anonymous donor conception in a simple but loving manner. By reading this story with a child who...
Mummy's journey: - a kind of fairy tale

Mummy's journey: - a kind of fairy tale
by Anja Reiler (Author)

The author of this book is the mother of a girl that was conceived with the help of a donor, at a fertility clinic in Denmark. She wanted to start early on to explain to her daughter why she didn’t have a father, and that she had been conceived with the help of a sperm donor, she struggled to find age appropriate literature. She therefore decided to write her own book. The book uses simple language and colourful illustrations to explain to a child that it is possible to have a child as a...
You Were Meant To Be

You Were Meant To Be
by Sherry Keen (Author), Rosemarie Gillen (Illustrator)

You Were Meant To Be uses colorful illustrations and simple ideas to help explain egg and sperm donation to young children. The inclusive theme makes it accessible to all types of families, and expresses gratitude to the generous donors who help make families' dreams come true. This book is a mother's attempt to answer her own children's questions about this complicated topic while keeping the focus on the most important fact of all, how truly loved they are.
What Makes a Baby

What Makes a Baby
by Cory Silverberg (Author), Fiona Smyth (Illustrator)

Finalist for the 2014 Lambda Award for LGBT Children's/Young Adult

What Makes a Baby is extraordinary! Cory is a Dr. Spock for the 21st century.”—Susie Bright

“A Truly Inclusive Way to Answer the Question 'Where Do Babies Come From?': The new book What Makes a Baby offers an origin story for all children, no matter what their families look like." The Atlantic

"This is a solid, occasionally quirky book on an...
The Family Book

The Family Book
by Todd Parr (Author)

The Family Book
Families Come in Many Forms

Families Come in Many Forms
by Bella Mei Wong (Author), Yoko Matsuoka (Illustrator)

Alex goes on a journey to find the perfect pet. He visits his friends and plays with a singing pig, a curious panda, and many other wonderful animals – depicted throughout by rhythmic text and charming illustrations.

Along the way Alex meets his friends’ families – traditional, adopted, divorced, blended, IVF, same sex and others. These family forms are not presented as “different”, but are treated as a normal part of today’s world.


"This is a beautiful book...

Little Treasure: Natalie sets off on a journey, and with the help of a few nice people, she brings a sweet and smiley baby into the world.

Little Treasure: Natalie sets off on a journey, and with the help of a few nice people, she brings a sweet and smiley baby into the world.
by Anat Georgy (Author), Shahar Leibovich (Illustrator)

Children book for single moms. Age level: 4 and up "Little Treasure" celebrates love, life and choice: Natalie sets off on a journey to find a special treasure, with the help of nice people, she finds this treasure inside of her; a little baby, born with the help of a donor. This book will help single parents by choice tell their children how they came into the world in this special way. Sweet illustrations peppered with a healthy dose of humor and lots of love. About the author Anat Georgy, an...
You Are My Wish Come True (Marianne Richmond)

You Are My Wish Come True (Marianne Richmond)
by Marianne Richmond (Author)

You are my Wish come True, is a tender tale of devotion between a parent and child. Settled into their favorite cuddle spot, Mama reassures Barley that he was wished for, prayed for and waited for. And that he is far more beautiful and precious than she could have ever imagined!Endearing prose and charming watercolor illustrations make these books delightful ways to cozy up with a beloved child.

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