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Anticoagulant Therapy FAQs: A Guide to Compliance with National Patient Safety Goal 3E | Spiral-bound

by Content from transcribed audio conference./HR (Author)

List Price: $39.50  

Binding:  Spiral-bound
Publisher:  HCPro, Inc
Edition:  3rdrd Edition
Page Count:  125 Pages
Publication Date:  July 18, 2008
Sales Rank:  15782589th


Product Description
Are you ready to comply with The Joint Commission s new anticoagulant therapy National Patient Safety Goal? Patient safety professionals have plenty of questions about how to comply with The Joint Commission s National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 3E on anticoagulant therapy, from big-picture concerns about compliance to detailed queries about specific anticoagulant drugs and protocols. And here are the answers. Anticoagulant Therapy FAQs: A Guide to Compliance with National Patient Safety Goal 3E is a question-and-answer guide to help you comply with the goal. Actual questions from your peers are answered by industry experts to help ease confusion and walk you through the phase-in period to full implementation by January 2009. Your copy of Anticoagulant Therapy FAQs: Answers your pressing questions about anticoagulation therapy in plain English Provides tips on how to comply with NPSG 3E Presents information in an organized and easy-to-read format Delivers the advice you need to meet the standard in one handy, cost-effective resource

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