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Magnetic Properties and Applications of Ferromagnetic Microwires With Amorpheous and Nanocrystalline Structure (Nanotechnology Science and Technology) | Hardcover

by Arcady Zhukov (Author), Valentina Zhukova (Author)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
Edition:  UK Edition
Page Count:  169 Pages
Publication Date:  April 03, 2012
Sales Rank:  11399761st


Product Description
Recent advances in technology involving magnetic materials require development of novel advanced magnetic materials with improved magnetic and magneto-transport properties. Additionally the tendency on miniaturisation of the modern magnetic sensors and devices stimulates development of such magnetic materials with reduced dimensionality. Certain progress has been recently achieved in fabrication of novel magnetic nano-materials (thin films, nanowires, nano-dots...), but at the same time quite sophisticated technology should be used but in many occasions the magnetic properties of these materials are rather poorer than such properties of bulk magnetic materials (amorphous ribbons, wires, sintered materials...) and the fabrication process is much more expansive and complex. On the other hand certain industrial sectors, like magnetic sensors, microelectronics, security etc, need cheap materials with reduced dimensionality but still with high magnetic properties (particularly enhanced magnetic softness). Therefore magnetic materials with outstanding magnetic characteristics and reduced dimensionality recently gained much attention. The aim of this book is to present the most relevant aspects concerning the fabrication process following by sections devoted to present significant results on the demagnetisation process, compositional dependence and processing of glass-coated mirocwires with amorphous, nanocrystalline and granular character in order to design their magnetic properties.

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