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Reciprocity (Robert Chase Novels Book 3) | Kindle Edition

by Open Door Publishing

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Product Description
Sofia Kaminski has just entered a dark world she never knew existed. Only a few hundred feet from her front door, she has been taken by human traffickers. In all likelihood, she will never see her parents or her home again.The CIA normally does not involve itself in common crime. It wouldn’t have done so this time, but for a personal appeal from the head of the Russian internal security services to Reynolds Merrill. It is suspected by a very few in the intelligence community that Merrill has an officer somewhere in Europe who finds things. His name is Robert Chase. He is officially a dead man; even the President of the United States believes this to be true. But as you will see, he’s not quite dead.A simple assignment to abduct a businessman from a known address in France turns unexpectedly deadly. The girl is no longer there. She has been whisked away to a ‘finishing school’ in Mexico where she will either learn to bend to the will of her new master, or die. Her trail has been well hidden by gangster Miki Lukin. He is former-KGB, like many of his kind, and he is well-protected by a network of former colleagues. This is the new Russia, the one that we read about in the international newspapers. Finding Sofia will require a new approach and the willingness to play the same ruthless game as the kidnappers.In Ensenada, Mexico, an American woman named Rosemary is in charge of training the girls for their new life of prostitution in the United States. They all resist at first, but Rosemary knows that she has time on her side. She conditions several hundred young women each year for their new profession. Sooner or later they will all do as they are told. But with Sofia she has a special task. She is destined as a replacement for another girl previously sold to a Chinese tycoon. She may not be touched by anyone. Lung Hong-li demands it. He will pay any price to have her exactly as he wishes.Miki Lukin and his wife are now in hiding somewhere in France. Chase and Samantha must first discover where, and then mount a second operation to take him. The first one ended badly. This time they must find a way to make someone else do the work for them. Miki’s father in law is the unexpected weak link. It will be Sam’s job to put apart the fibers of his confidence, and make him do her bidding. If he breaks, the trail will suddenly be hot again. If not, this quest may be hopeless.This story ranges from Europe to the Far East. A small, well-contained operation now expands almost out of control. If Chase and his team are to continue their pursuit, the Attorney General and the FBI cannot be excluded. There are just too many players for this to remain covert. But if it gets out, many heads will roll.This is the third novel in the Robert Chase series. Just a hint, Samantha is forced to assume leadership of the team. Her many secrets begin to be exposed, much to Chase’s surprise.

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